Bocholt Neustädter: You don't want to upset WSV, but throw it out 2

Bocholt Neustädter: You don't want to upset WSV, but throw it out

On Wednesday 1st FC Bocholt welcomes Wuppertal SV in round 16 of RevierSport-Niederrheinpokal. The Bocholters have been boosting a lot of confidence recently.

1. FC Bocholt got a turnaround after a poor start to the season and won four games in a row. Before the Niederrhein Cup a feud against Wuppertal SV is there. Bocholt's longtime favorite Daniel Neustädter also likes this.

Because the 25-year-old doesn't just want to bother WSV. "I don't play football to annoy my opponents. I want to win every game and get Wuppertal out of the cup on Wednesday," Neustädter said.

In all ten league games, Neustädter was on the pitch from the first to the last minute. Located in the central midfield, in Game 1. FC Bocholt. At Hünting, Roman Neustädter's brother, a Russian national team player and former Schalke professional, feels perfectly well. "Yes, everything fits. I also extended my contract early last season, which will last until summer 2020. Let's see what happens after that," says Neustädter.

With Bocholt Neustädter he can look back at 16 points, eleven points remaining with the leading SV Straelen. The climb can only lead through Straelen, "the former regional players are not hoping.

The former Oberhausener and Wattenscheider lives in Essen and works for an audit firm in Düsseldorf. The big dream of professional football no longer lives. "You don't need to be a dreamer. Professional clubs will not sign up for a 25-year league or regional player. These days, players who win a professional contract are not of legal age. Of course I would be glad to receive the offer and re-examine it, but I expect it no more, I'm overjoyed and it is, "Neustädter explains.

With the progress in the RevierSport-Niederrhein Cup, the Neustädter Cup would probably be even happier.