Can I get bored with 14, even though my parents don't want it? 2

Can I get bored with 14, even though my parents don't want it?

But if you want to pull your tongue, you run the risk! The perforator should be experienced so as not to puncture sensitive nerves in the tongue. Otherwise, you could lose your sense of taste forever. Many employers are also reluctant to see obvious facial piercings. So you're pretty limited in your career choice if you have the nose, eyebrow or area under your lips pierced. Think about it, if you want to live with the fact that your face will be deformed for the rest of your life – if you remove the piercing at some point because you don't like it anymore, there will be unsightly signs. Also, if your skin regenerates regularly, you will never get rid of these scars on your face.

Do you wear earrings? The pierced ears are very small compared to a perforation hole, as the annular rings in each case have a larger diameter. Especially in the ear there has been an overwhelming tendency for a few years to widen the ear hole with the so-called flesh tunnel. The goal is to get the largest ear hole possible, which can be used with a special earring (tunnel) through which one can see. By the way, there are also fake plugs! They are worn like regular earrings, but they look like a real ear plug. This may be a good alternative for you if your parents are generally not bored.

Do I have to get permission from my parents to bother me?

Many young girls want to emulate their adult idols and thrive on any new fashion trends. However, the jurisprudence in Germany is clear about piercings and tattoos: you definitely need written permission from the legal guardian if you want to get a stab under 18 – the same goes for tattoos. In addition to signing, you will need a copy of your parents' identity, but it is even better if they accompany you to the punching studio and hold your hand during punctuation. Piercings and tattoos really hurt. For example, if you puncture your tongue, it will swell for up to three weeks. You can just talk the first few days, even when you swallow it hurts and kissing is not fun! After a few weeks you can change the punch bar for a shorter one so that you can speak again normally without retreating. Here you will find one Information page and shop for piercing, where you can find not only piercing jewelry, but also to let you know about the peace of piercing.

If your parents are against punching, you have to accept this decision and wait until you are old enough to do such a body-only intervention. A jerk makes himself punished if he passes on teens under 18 without parental confirmation. Since your parents could sue him then piercing won't hurt unless you can clearly prove that your parents agree and allow you a punch.

Is it a new fury?

In the past, many people weren't too bored, but thousands of years ago there were punches. Even today, punching is very popular among primitive peoples, so people express their love for a deity or show which family they belong to. However, a family is not only made up of father, mother and children, but primitive people have always lived together in tribes where one helps the other. In African tribes, women are deliberately deformed, so ugly, by placing large plates on their lower lip. This is to protect women of their own race from being robbed by a man of another race. Breastfeeding is also in the animal kingdom: A bull is a large, heavy and powerful animal that humans could hardly feed. So that a policeman does not run away, a thick ring is pulled through his delicate nose. This way it can easily attach to the pasture and not run away. With a thick rope around his neck, the bull will simply tear the fence away and still go away.