DAK bonus program - Get cash or extra prevention and prevention benefits 2

DAK bonus program – Get cash or extra prevention and prevention benefits

DAK brokerage insurance program

DAK brokerage insurance program

Only a handful of mandatory health insurance companies offer rewards programs.

DAK Gesundheit (https://www.siktas24.de/krankenversicherungen/dak-gesundheit/) is one of the largest and at the same time the longest-running health insurance companies in Germany. Her story actually dates back to 1774. Still, DAK is by no means yesterday! It offers a comprehensive range of services covering all the aspects that make up modern health insurance, and is classified, among other things, in important examination reports from the best German insurers. And last but not least, this is because of the award-winning DAK bonus program, which allows policyholders to receive more than € 1,600 once and many hundreds of euros in premium over their lifetime! More specifically, there are two DAK bonus programs – DAK AktivBonus Plus and AktivBonus Junior – that bring certain benefits to their target groups.

DAK bonus program AktivBonus Plus – receive several hundred euros a year or free plus insurance

The DAK bonus program AktivBonus Plus is intended for adults who wish to have healthcare that goes beyond mere health insurance. If you participate, you will have no money or chance to practically receive insurance benefits, which are not usually covered by compulsory health insurance. The bonuses of this DAK bonus program act as an additional motivational incentive to maintain fitness and take advantage of all available health screenings.

In general, healthy lifestyles and the use of precautions and possibly appropriate preventative health activities are rewarding. They include cancer screening for women ages 20-29, skin cancer screening for ages 35 and older, regular dental care plus dental cleansers over 18, vaccinations at all ages and back, Pilates / Gymnastics, stress management courses, and smoking cessation.

The DAK bonus program rewards various contingents of points for these and many other notable achievements. One point is worth the euro! As soon as at least 35 points are collected, they can be paid in cash in the next year of admission. Alternatively, it is possible to claim so-called plus benefits, such as sight glasses, for free. In this case, the DAK bonus program offers an additional 20 percent, which means that a subsidy of 35 euros can easily become 42 euros. All in all, you can get a lot more than € 200 a year premium.

DAK bonus program (https://www.siktas24.de/krankenversicherungen/dak-gesundheit/) AktivBonus Junior – special bonuses for children and adolescents

The DAK bonus program AktivBonus Junior is again focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle – from birth onwards. Already in childhood and adolescence, various preventive examinations, vaccinations, regular dental care and, not least, physical activity are almost essential for a healthy and healthy lifestyle. All of this is being actively promoted under this DAK bonus program with premiums in excess of € 1,600 or additional insurance benefits!

The basis of DAK's AktivBonus Junior bonus program consists of six modules, each adapted to the age of the child or adolescent participating in it. Entrance is possible from birth. Completion is 18th birthday. As with AktivBonus Plus, various measures lead to premiums. These include, among others, newborn hearing screening, vaccinations, dental health care – as well as participating in nutrition courses – and regular club sports.

Budgeting is also done through a simple scoring system. If benefits have been demonstrated or activities completed, a certain number of points will be taken. This can also be obtained retroactively. If special health checks or sports activities have been performed prior to joining DAK's DAK program, they may be credited by submitting appropriate evidence.

There are even two additional bonuses with the DAK AktivBonus Junior bonus program! On the one hand, there is also a 20% subsidy here for the use of additional benefits, such as baby bathing or natural healing. On the other hand, wait an additional 20 percent if the accumulated premium credit is switched from one module to another, so that there is no payment requirement between the modules. So, at the end of this DAK bonus program, let's say a maximum of over € 1,600 was spent on participants' 18th birthday!


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