Flávia Lanini's lymphatic drainage massage, which strengthens models and celebrities, in a self-experiment 2

Flávia Lanini's lymphatic drainage massage, which strengthens models and celebrities, in a self-experiment

When it comes to cleansing and toning the body, Flávia Lanini models believe. Its form of lymphatic drainage massage achieves weight loss effects on the body and face within 90 minutes.

After years of training in lymphatic drainage in the field of classical medicine, the Brazilian has developed a patented technique that provokes a worldwide sensation. And although the passionate sole trader in his adopted country, the US has neither a website nor a studio. A lot of requests are coming via Instagram – but, because that's about to change: Flávia Lavinini is on her way to becoming the new beauty weapon in Hollywood to thrive. He is about to open his first studio in Los Angeles.

Memories from Flávia Lanini: Cara Delevingne, Paris Hilton, Beatrice Graf, Vogue Beauty Editor and Kendall Jenner

Flávia Lanini and her memoirs: Cara Delevingne, Paris Hilton, Beauty Editor Beatrice Graf Vogue and Kendall Jenner

Self-experiment "The effect of massage"

With some pride, I accept one of the coveted dates at Flávia Lanini during the New York Fashion Week. Because that's where their biggest war customers are in town: Models! And so I hear Tony Garrn's voice at the door of the room as Lanini calls her a heartfelt farewell. Seven on the couch and it starts.

Massaged hand movements slide firmly along the legs, abdomen and arms to the tips of the toes without causing injury. Cellulite cream is used. No, you won't, but you will feel a lot of thirst later, and the flushing will make the urine smell strong, "says Flávia Lanini, promising, contrary to my concern, that the accumulated toxins may overwhelm me and cause discomfort. images of slim waist and smooth skin that can be seen on Flávia Lanini's Instagram account.Many souvenir photos with her fans like Miranda Kerr, Kris Jenner, Cara Delevingne or Ann-Kathrin Götze. because my body is flowing at full speed.

A glance at the mirror testifies: My waist, and especially my upper arms, are not only brighter, but also look more appropriate. It's time to explore the secret of a miracle massage from Brazil and wonder how long the effect will last.

In an interview: Flávia Lanini explains how the lymphatic system works and contours the body through the "Massage Effect"

Why is the lymphatic system the focus of your treatment?

The lymphatic system is a complex network of veins that carries fluid throughout the body. These fluids are responsible for removing toxins from healthy cells and stimulating cells that fight viruses or infections. Although the fluid moves through the lymphatic system, it does not have its own pumping mechanism.

Lymphatic drainage is a form of therapy designed to facilitate lymphatic flow and remove fluid accumulated between cells and metabolic waste. Removed from the body cells, these substances are released through circulation into the blood. At the same time, massage stimulates tissue regeneration, fights localized fats and cellulite, improves the immune system and has a calming effect.

How is your "The Massage Effect" different from the classic version?

It is my own technique that I developed and patented after 14 years of experience. My signature massage is "Massage Effect". Combination of lymphatic drainage, myofascial face – treatment of fascia and connective tissue – and "contouring", contouring of the body! The latter is created by a combination of deeper movements to work on tissue and increase metabolism. Everything always happens according to the customers. The model before the photo shoot has very different needs than a person with autoimmune disease. But the treatment has a common goal: health, beauty, relaxation. And the "Massage Effect" offers my clients something special that I myself have developed, but I keep it as a little secret.

Is the "massage effect" a wellness or medical treatment?

Anyone who thinks lymphatic drainage is just a matter of aesthetics is wrong! She is so much more than that! In addition to the aforementioned body regeneration and excretion of toxins, it is an important ally for stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, so ideal for relaxation and release from stress. It supports in the process of weight loss, swelling, edema, vascular disorders, varicose veins, muscle tension, migraines, hypertension and even sinusitis. It is an important component for pre- and postoperative treatment, especially in plastic surgery with liposuction, mammoplasty, abdomen and face. In such cases, drainage helps the organism become active.

Frequently asked questions and your answers to them?

Whether my technique is painful or painless. Painless, of course. I was able to develop a completely painless "Massage Effect" because other techniques can cause visible pain for days. How can I still achieve such visible results in the first session? Years and years of study, practice and continuous improvement. I always listen to the needs of my clients very carefully.

Who are your main customers?

There are models for the first time today, and now there are all women between the ages of 20 and 65. They come from all over the world and from every continent.

How can I keep the detox effect longer?

Eat healthy for the first 24 hours, don't eat sugar, drink lots of water, and it depends on two variables: causing swelling or bloating in the body and what you eat or drink now. In most cases, the visual results will last up to three, sometimes four days. There could be more, but it's important to think about detoxification and reset triggered by a session in the body and adjust your lifestyle.

They don’t even have a website, and yet they have fantastic customer relationships. How did it come about?

God has done everything for me, and I am a very blessed person. I did not expect this to happen to me! Fortunately, I always had a wonderful clientele that was able to achieve absolutely amazing results. The distribution was fantastic and that was why it was very important to me to show my work on Instagram. Thanks to the generous people and their well-meaning connections and references, it has been a blessing to me. I work non-stop every day, almost 7 days a week, improving my technique and passionate about what I do.

The most significant compliment so far?

The most important compliment I have ever had from a mother and husband who praise and encourage me daily.

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