Friday Magazine | Do you also love ponies? 2

Friday Magazine | Do you also love ponies?

… and then too Rihanna: Somehow you can see it again everywhere pony.

Probably every woman has considered herself at least in her life scissors grab. It's also clear, because the pony is one of the simplest scopeand that hairstyle changewithout length of hair have to take away.

whether only. battered or on side Worn – Pony hairstyles are available in many variants, We have for you The five best looks chosen through time. Ever put it away mobile ready – then you want to be equal to yours hairdresser to call.

The curtain is separated by a pony in the middle – hence the name ("curtain" in German means "curtain"). It's a casual look easy because even a pony can be light on a pony page be deleted. It fits in very nicely stepped in the front.

Also, the side pony is suitable for anyone who does not feel constant recutting or have long styling in the morning in the bathroom. conflict can easily behind ears be painted and see both short hairstyles like bobs likewise long mane good.

It definitely takes a bit for this look bravery, Few inches above eyebrows It is a particular sitting pony Fashion World loved, as he loved everything face which gives something special. Stars like Audrey Hepburn as early as the 1950s cut cut shown. Emma Watson last year he raced on the red carpet for the first time.

Yes, that's right! For once, we don’t mean Birkin bagbut Birkin-Bangs – pony hairstyle that after means from Jane Birkin has been appointed. So long, just a plow The pony is not suitable for everyone because it requires accuracy style, But that classic definitely has style.

Frenchwomen becoming worldwide for their own sake style admired. Everything they wear seems to be effortless to look good. Unlike the Birkin-Bangs, this casual pony drops a bit long over the eyebrows in the eyes, with fringed Advice.