Hairstyles for straight hair 2

Hairstyles for straight hair

Smooth hairstyles: What is the perfect cut?

Healthy hair is a measure of a beautiful mane and the best hairstyle. We all want the best care, the right haircut and a healthy look. With long and straight hair you can quickly see if it is well-groomed and healthy. The cut also plays a very important role here. What is the perfect cut for straight hair? The perfect cut for straight hair is actually the one that gives volume. We definitely recommend a step down. You don't have to be the popular Rachel Cut à la Jennifer Anniston, but easy steps are recommended. Otherwise, the hair was hanging lifeless and, at worst, boring. With straight hair all your hairstyles and hair cut you do. Because straight hair is much easier to style than a curly or frizzy mane, which is unruly. By the way, those who naturally have curls can realize their desire for long straight hair with the help of keratin smoothing.

Elegant Look: How Can I Style Straight Hair?

Those who choose the elegant look should use the following for styling when using straight hair:

  • mousse
  • hair dryer
  • round brush
  • straightening

To add some intensity to your sleek look, you can add a little mousse to your dry hair before styling. Grab the round breasts and divide your hair into small batches. Start with the bottom game in the neck and slowly make your way. If you have all your hair dry, you can correct your sleek look with a hair spray.

If your hair does not look smooth enough, you can also style your hair with a straightener. Here's how it works.

Which round brush is best for a sleek look?

Since the market today has a huge variety of different round brushes and each manufacturer promises to be the best, we need to make it clear that natural hair brushes are better. The brush with natural bristles gives shiny hair more than metal or plastic brushes.

Elegant looks are often confused with wet looks. Stylish looks refer to straight hair and regardless of the length of your hair. By the way, the great thing about stylish looks is that it can be designed with any haircut and gives us all a glowing touch.

Do You Make Smooth Hair Fit Round Face?

As a rule, every face shape is a straight hairstyle. Whether you have a round, oval or slender face. If you have a long face, you should work with the tension and straighten your hair. A pony is also perfect! Who has an oval shape, has drawn the golden lot because: Oval faces are just every hairstyle, every haircut and every hair!

Short, straight hair style?

Do you have a short hairstyle and want to style hair smooth but still looking for a detailed guide or just need a little inspiration for it? Then you're here! Because those with short hair know how variable the look can be. In a few simple steps you can change your full style: from elegant to girly to casual cut: everything is allowed and included. But what about smooth hair?

Showing Number 1: Occasionally

For a casual look, dry your hair after shampooing over your head with a hair dryer. Grab your round brush and knock your pain party back. If you want better adhesion, grab some wax for the hair and finish the hairstyle. Just rub your two palms and go carefully over the hair – et voilá!

Look at Number 2: Undo Crawl

What we call long hair "Undone" looks, we can also create here with a short hairstyle as well. For the appearance of "straightening" on the head, the short hairstyle's hair length doesn't matter. Either Pixie Cut or Short Bob: Stay in some wet hair and here it is again: Drying dry over the head.