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"Holistic in literally "

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler.
It is a unique and above all holistic concept offered by the "Pro Corpus Physiotherapie & Pro Corpus Health Center" at Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler at the "Vitahris" in Bergstraße 2.

This ranges from acute therapy to individual measures in terms of prophylaxis and maintenance of health – all from one source, all in one place. With an area of ​​800 square meters, the friendly and spacious Pro Corpus offers optimal treatment options for patients aged five months to 95 years.

Most modern therapy methods

In the "Pro Corpus Physiotherapie" are available all modern methods of physical therapy therapy. From physiotherapy / physiotherapy to physiotherapy for people with neurological or neuromuscular disease or cranial gymnastics on the device. But other methods such as manual therapy, rehabilitation sports, prevention, cold / heat therapy, kinesio taping, medical massage, manual lymphatic drainage, Vojta and Bobath therapy for children and adults, and mud for physiotherapy for children with neurological impairment are offered here.

Pediatrics is one of the absolute areas of competence of "Pro Corpus". Physiotherapy on modern equipment is carried out exclusively under the care of specially trained staff, so that optimal treatment is always guaranteed.

Pro Corpus has an excellent network of physicians of various disciplines. This also includes occupational therapists, logotherapists, pharmacies and medical supplies, with some physicians practicing directly in "Vitahris" and thus short ways are warranted.

Individual and avant-garde: "Pro Corpus Health Center"

The Pro Corpus holistic concept includes a "Health Center" run by three trained sports scientists. The focus here is on prophylactic and health measures.

Unique and avant-garde is a metabolic treatment consisting of an "Air Trainer", including a magnetic field. It is a negative pressure movement system, which is equipped with a profile strip with an integrated magnetic field and promotes blood circulation. Just one of many other forms of therapy is "Medistream" therapy. This provides the patient with a massage generated by the power of water jets, which can lend itself to the back of the entire body, as well as very specific areas such as the upper body or legs.

The goals of therapy are determined professionally

Prior to initiating appropriate therapies, a history interview is conducted in which all relevant personal information such as weight, height, BMI, blood lipid level and muscle mass is recorded and the first goals of the therapy are defined. The patient then documents all the nutrient intake for four days, which is then analyzed by an external institute. The resulting nutritional analysis also includes dietary recommendations. If necessary, treatment goals may change accordingly. It is also possible to study local fat burning with slightly different training content and duration of treatment. Pro Corpus is a partner of the successful Rheinlandligisten Ahrweiler BC and cares for a number of professional athletes.

"Functional Vital" for back, legs and fascia

We also offer "Functional Vital" courses with "Functional Vital" training with emphasis on the back, legs and fascia.

The Central Testing Prevention Center recognizes and certifies "Functional Vital" in accordance with paragraph 20 of SGB V, which means that participation in the courses can be covered by health insurance. "Our goal is not just to help the patient sharply, but to contribute to lasting health – holistic in the true sense of the word. We offer the ideal blend of prescriptions and additional offerings," emphasizes Pro Corpus CEO Peter Dreesen.

Special offer

Pro Corpus Health Center offers contracts with a variety of conditions. Customers can choose from the entire program all courses that make sense to themselves, as the schedule allows. If you decide to do something right at the Pro Corpus Health Center – always in a personal company – the responsible have a treat for: "We know that many people already do sports in the gym and have contracts there. "Therefore, Pro Corpus offers all new customers the following:" Train with us, as long as the old contract continues to apply, we assume costs, up to max. 6 months remaining, depending on the duration of your new contract. All you need is your old contract and termination – just contact us. "

Further information:

Pro Corpus Physiotherapy and Pro Corpus Health Center, Bergstrasse 2, 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Telephone 02641-20 58 40, Email: info@procorpus-physiotherapie.de, Internet: www.physio-bad-neuenahr.de. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProCorpusHealth/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/procorpusgesundgeitszentrum