How to decorate a cake can freeze preserved Glaze 2

How to decorate a cake can freeze preserved Glaze

The decoration of the pot is a bit different from the regular paint: both are easily adapted to intricate details or durable, upright shapes, both require blotching. Canned preserves more stability and longer life than butter and royal icing – your decorations won't hang or sting and you can use the rest for up to three weeks. Start with a pure white glaze (for colored lacquer) or chocolate (for dark brown or black glaze) as a glossy base decoration.

How to decorate a cake can freeze preserved Glaze 3

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Adjust the glaze to the consistency required for the type of decoration you intend to make It is a must, it is an integral part of planning and it is up to you to decide – there is no set type, but there are instructions to get you on the right track. Cherry color is your call –

add the concentrated drop-by-drop polish until the desired final color is reached. Normal food coloring dilutes the glaze, but concentrated coloring results in a noticeable change in texture or taste. (Sachen_benötigt_1)

Put the white glaze in the bowl or blender. Beat the glass for 30 seconds at low speed.

  1. Add the secondary ingredients – corn syrup, milk, water or sugar powder – and adjust the stirring speed. Try consistency as needed.

  2. Put a toothpick into the bowl after achieving the desired stability. Sprinkle the paint on the glaze until evenly distributed. Repeat as necessary.

  3. Store antifreeze for 2 to 3 weeks at room temperature in an airtight container.