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How to induce work at home

Women who are pregnant for 40 weeks or more may be willing to give birth to their baby. The final weeks of pregnancy can be unpleasant and the expectation of waiting for a new baby can be overwhelming. Doctors also tend to get nervous when pregnancy is too late because of the increased risk of umbilical cord compression and fetal loading, and many women are worried when their doctor talks about cesarean section and chemical induction. If your pregnancy is over 40 weeks, you can do some things at home to naturally speed up your contractions.

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A late baby can make a mother very anxious

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Credit: Thinkstock / Comstock / Getty Images Go often

Run often or go up and down stairs. Moving your hips while walking helps to put the baby in the right place to give birth. The baby's head, which squeezes your cervix, helps to soften the cervix, making it easier to expand. Walking also relieves stress on your back and can help you relax by removing your thoughts from things.

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Credit: Jupiterimages / Goodshoot / Getty Images Having sex

Have sex. Female orgasms produce oxytocin, the hormone that causes uterine contractions. Oxytocin is the natural form of pitocin, the drug used in hospitals to chemically induce labor. The seed contains prostaglandins, a hormone that helps to soften the cervix and prepare it for opening. Sex is safe in the last weeks of pregnancy as long as the water is not broken.

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Credit Cards: BananaStock / BananaStock / Getty Images Try Nipple Stimulation

Try nipple stimulation if the sex is very uncomfortable. Stimulating your nipples also produces oxytocin, the hormone released when your baby cares. As you begin to feel contractions by encouraging your nipples, pause to see if the contractions continue. Stimulation of the nipples can cause strong contractions which may not necessarily lead to contractions.

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Certification: Medioimages / Photodisc / Photodisc / Getty Images Mix the castor oil in a glass of juice

Mix two tablespoons of castor oil in a glass of juice and drink quickly. The juice helps to cover up the bad taste of castor oil. Castor oil causes intestinal contractions that can stimulate uterine contractions. Due to the diarrhea caused by castor oil, you should take the time that the diarrhea does not affect your routine.

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Credit: George Doyle / Stockbyte / Getty Images Talk to your doctor about using herbs

Talk to your doctor or midwife about using herbs to trigger work. Castor oil, which is applied directly to the cervix, can accelerate labor as it contains prostaglandins that cure the cervix. Blue and black cohosh have been used for centuries to induce and accelerate labor, but like all herbal medicines, they have not been approved or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and should be used with caution.