How to make coarse layers 2

How to make coarse layers

Meg Ryan and Lauren McKnight are just two celebrities who were photographed with split layers. This dirty but fashionable style is achieved by trimming the rough layers of hair and styling them with a light wax or hair spray. Enriched layers are easy to care for, because it doesn't matter if you get too tangled up – tearing the hair enhances the crisp look. Grab a pair of scissors to cut your layers.

How to make coarse layers 3

You can create your own layers.

Step 1

Wash, dry and brush your hair well. Remove all knots and grids.

Step 2

Turn your head slightly forward and bend the front of your hair aside. Raise a piece of hair between the fingers of your worst hand.

Step 3

Hold the razor in your dominant hand for control. Hold it at an angle of 45 degrees to the head and gently push it through the lower third of the hair or the length that the mattress should start. Start pulling the razor down. As you do this, you shave your hair to develop a mattress.

Step 4

Slide the razor through the front of your hair to create a cut layer. Work through it and look at yourself in the mirror. Evaluate whether the mattress should be smaller and lighter – if you do, keep working with the shaver to remove more length.

Step 5

Turn your head sideways. Take a piece of hair on the back and bring it to the side of your ear so you can see it in the mirror. Razor cut this part as you did with the front of your hair. Cut it twice with the razor to make the cut layer more dramatic.

Step 6

Change the other side of your head. Create another split layer by pulling your hair and sliding the shaver over the edges. Pull your fingers through your hair to see if this is the way you want it.

Step 7

Create other layers on your hair. Collect a thin layer from the top and cut the edges lightly with a razor. Make sure you shave yourself lightly so that the ground layer adheres to the underlying hair length.

Step 8

Scrub your hair thoroughly to remove the cut hair and brush again.

Step 9

Rub a small amount of wax between the fingers and gently pull the ends of the hair. This increases the edges to improve the appearance of the layers. If you want a fuller look, add more wax and trim the edges.