How to Wear Gray Hair Makeup 2

How to Wear Gray Hair Makeup

Gray hair has a specific stain. Someone who causes many women to panic at the look of their first gray hair. Fortunately, today there is a tendency among women to choose to embrace and abandon the shades of gray to die forever. To optimize the look of gray hair, it is best to wear makeup that plays to your favorite features. The secret is to enhance what you have and not cover it with heavy makeup.

How to Wear Gray Hair Makeup 3

credit: Ralf Nau / DigitalVision / GettyImages Embrace the shades of gray by trying out a new look.

Step 1

Use a black circle eye concealer with a yellow base to hide the blue-gray area.

Step 2

The color of the skin changes naturally when the hair turns gray. Therefore, apply a foundation or colored moisturizer that complements the tone and condition of your skin. Apply light and clean makeup with a built-in moisturizer or use a moisturizer before applying your makeup.

Step 3

Use an eyeliner to give the eyes more definition. Pull the lining up for extra comfort. Use a brown or light black color and avoid the shades of gray that may appear blue and gray.

Step 4

Choose eye shades that suit your skin – lighter colors, such as light pink for lighter skin and fur for darker skin. Avoid glowing or shimmering eye shadows and make sure the selected shade is not too dry.

Step 5

Remove the lashes to make your eyes brighter. Apply a mascara that gives extra length, a massive mascara or one that lashes the lashes.

Step 6

Apply a cream on the outer cheeks apples. Use pastel or rose pastel with a rosaton to add just the right amount of brightness. Apply the pink on the cheek apple and move it just before the hairline.

Step 7

Apply lip balm before lipstick to prevent drying. Use red lipstick to complement the color of your skin and gray hair by choosing the color depending on whether your skin is yellow or blue.

Step 8

Determine the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil that is a lighter shade than the natural eyebrow color. Use light lines that go in the opposite direction to the development of the eyebrows. Use clear eyebrows to keep the eyebrows in place.