Instagram: We need to separate from this stalker feature! 2

Instagram: We need to separate from this stalker feature!

Look for what your loved one or ex-boyfriend loved, commented on or followed – this will be a thing of the past. This is no longer possible with the latest Instagram update! Very shocking, right?

Instagram deletes the After tab

Honestly, we can't say just how many times a day we open the Watch tab to see what was ours So, the flock leads to Instagram. That will soon be over. Instagram removes this popular tracking tool from the app. For some German users, the tab has already disappeared, in the coming weeks, many more users are likely to be affected.

Instagram: Dark mode for iOS 13 is here

That's not all. Instagram has another innovation in store. For iPhone users with iOS 13 operating system, Instagram is now available can work with the so-called dark modethat is, instead of a white background, the application is now immersed in a black background.

Instagram: How Do You Get Dark Fashion?

To use Dark Mode for Instagram, users need to download and install the latest version of Instagram on the App Store. The dark mode cannot be set in the application settings, but it is connected to dark iOS fashion, So Instagram adjusts to iPhone system settings. If Dark Mode is enabled on your iPhone, Instagram will also appear in the black lamp. For the application itself, dark fashion is not really. Even on Android phones, dark mode can be set.

Dark Mode: That's why it's so good

We don't just love dark fashion because we like black. Many pixels can be turned off by the dark background and this in turn prolongs the battery life. In addition, dark light is more comfortable for our eyes.

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