Just a little saliva: Sauerland protects against the flu 2

Just a little saliva: Sauerland protects against the flu

Spit a little and you're protected from the flu. The Kleeschulte district doctor explains why flu protection is so important.

As the days get shorter, the weather gets wetter and the need for potholes increases, autumn is coming. And with it the time of colds and nostrils. But those who want to protect themselves from the flu, i.e. the “real” flu, should now get vaccinated.

Now is the right time

County Medical Officer Peter Kleeschulte's advice on request. "October and November are just the right months to prevent early enough," says the expert. Especially people over 60, pregnant women, chronically ill as well as medical staff should be protected from the flu, Kleeschulte informs.

People who are allergic to the vaccine (for example, a protein allergy) or at the time of vaccination must tell their doctor or schedule a new appointment.

The active ingredient is better

How many vaccines a doctor administers depends on several factors. There are no prescribed amounts, the doctor must calculate himself – and at the same time think economically. Kleeschulte. Because the canned food that is left over cannot be stored. This is mainly because the substance is not identical every year. This fall and winter, a four-legged drug is used that should work better than last year.

How much flu will be this year, you can't predict with confidence before, says Dr. Med. Peter Kleeschulte. However, it is indisputable that in the cold months the risk of infection increases significantly. Partly because there are more people indoors. Shaking hands, according to the district doctor, is responsible for the fact that diseases are spreading rapidly. "In general, but especially during the flu, thorough hand washing is incredibly important" Clover clean. And he thoroughly thinks about using soap and washing time of at least 20 to 30 seconds. "This is a very effective way to eliminate pathogenic viruses and bacteria."