Legal Cannabis in Germany? - 2

Legal Cannabis in Germany? –

Unlike THC, which causes the effects known when kiffen. According to current case law, it is still illegal in Germany to smoke marijuana. Smoking is allowed only in adults, so it is impossible to buy cigarettes in the supermarket under 18 years of age.

However, in some federal states dissimilar quantities of cannabis are tolerated, but confiscated if your police collide with her. The punishment remains in the north of the country, up to 10 grams of THA-containing marijuana, and the Berlin authorities even tolerate up to 15 grams for their own use. In Bavaria, on the other hand, drugs are severely prosecuted, so the Bavarian authorities are already pursuing drugs when hemp flowers reach 6 grams or more.

At national level, drug use among young people decreases every year

More and more young people are looking beyond the horizon and not only are they committed to the climate on Fridays, but also live in harmony with nature and their own bodies. If you pay more attention to it, you can largely do without the use of plastic in everyday life. Often there is an ecological alternative, more and more popular are various nursing assistants from fast-renewable items such as bamboo trees. With his growing sense of responsibility towards the environment, his self-esteem increases.

Many young people want to eat healthy and balanced young girls are actually on a diet. The climate is relaxed when people eat less meat. High transport routes and increased supply of animals have many harmful effects on nature.

However, in adolescents, alcohol can work very quickly if it is not eaten. Unfortunately, there is an upward trend in the quota of alcohol among adolescents. Most teenagers who consume alcohol on a regular basis are more likely to be overweight than to have low food intake problems. It is striking that more and more drunk young people are being transported to hospital by ambulance because they have contracted alcohol poisoning. In some cases, a physical confrontation preceded the new patients because of their high blood alcohol content.

Alcohol and smoking can quickly become addictive – Cornelius De Luca deals with such cases daily

Time and again, Cornelius De Luca, a CBD360 addiction counselor, has seen an increase in the number of adolescents seeking treatment for alcohol dependency. In addition to physical relaxation, the CBD offers the great advantage of having no psychoactive or noisy situations after eating. Also read about how CBD, because of its way of acting to relieve pain, is not only used in the treatment of cancer and finds something else exciting CBD360 information material.

With alcohol withdrawal, as well as with chain smoker detoxification, severe symptoms of physical deprivation can occur. It often comes in the first few days without the drugs running uncontrollably, not only in the hands but also partly throughout the body. CBD has a relaxing effect on the muscles and helps to relax the muscles. Incidentally, even with sore muscles after physical therapy, you can also ensure that the symptoms subside faster.

Can I buy under 18 CBD just like that?

Medical cannadiol can only be prescribed by a doctor because it has a very high purity. If you buy CBD oil online, it contains a much smaller percentage of pure CBD as a dietary supplement. In addition, many beneficial vitamins and amino acids are added to the oils, which in addition to glowing beauty help you from the inside out. In medicine, children have been treated with CBD for many decades, for example, if they suffer from seizures or severe concentration disorders. The single dose of CBD oil is in children and adolescents, but well below the adult dose, here is the CBD as a dietary supplement comparable to conventional medicine from the doctor.