Lose Weight With The PFC Every 3 Diet Formula 2

Lose Weight With The PFC Every 3 Diet Formula

Whether it's an egg or pineapple diet: Radical weight loss strategies bring rapid success, but unfortunately, one-sided and water-if performed too long-even lack nutrients. New concept PFC Every 3, currently based in the United States, now wants to do everything differently and is pushing for a rethink. Instead of losing weight as fast as possible, this diet formula is the exception to a balanced diet. How it works and why you can not only reduce weight but also increase wellbeing and energy – we have all the details of a new weight loss trend.

PFC Every 3: What Does It Mean?

The nutrition formula around PFC Every 3 was developed by American nutritionists and The New York Times Bestselling author Mark Macdonald is developing and should help him finally start a more balanced diet in daily life. This mission is also reflected in – confusingly – the name of the concept.

"PFC" means three major macronutrients:

  • P = protein
  • F = fat
  • C = carbohydrates

"Every 3" is the distance between meals. Accordingly, every three hours a balanced combination of the three nutrients on the plate.

How a diet formula should help you lose weight

According to the inventor Mark MacDonald, the special nutritional principle is designed to help regulate blood sugar levels thanks to well-defined nutrient-rich intervals and meals. Carbohydrates are known to increase that and the hormone insulin, but concomitant protein consumption stimulates glucagon production. The hormone inhibits the storage of blood sugar and thus positively supports fat burning. A balanced blood sugar level not only acts as a fat burner but also protects the muscles and improves energy balance. In comparison, too much blood sugar inhibits fat burning, too low stimulates craving, muscles burn for energy, and we feel cold. A balanced PFC diet Every 3 diets also contribute to a balanced hormone balance. The basis of a lean body, because hormones are playing craziness, you are constantly hungry, or are increasingly accessing unhealthy snacks, the body stores more fat and you may suffer from mood swings.

This is a daily diet plan

Anyone who tries PFCs Every 3 formulas can be happy because there are no calories that can be counted or parts are weighed. In turn, you should learn to pay close attention to his bodily signals and eat just enough to feel satisfied but not overeat. The feeling of hunger should also be pleasant and not too extreme – this is why a small portion of PFC is eaten every three hours.

And what does a portion look like? Mark MacDonald recommends dividing the plate into three equal zones – one for each nutrient. These are supplemented with neutral foods like spinach, lettuce or green vegetables. Examples are:

  • Morning – 9am: Eggs (protein + fat) with spinach on whole wheat toast (Carbs)
  • Lunch – 12 noon: Chicken salad (protein), with a slice of integral bread (Carbs) and avocado + vegetable oil (fat)
  • Afternoons – 3pm: Yogurt (protein) with granola (carbohydrates) and nuts (fat)
  • Evening – 6:00 pm: Tofu (protein), seasoned with vegetable oil (fat), couscous (Carbs) and fresh vegetables such as broccoli

Our nutrition advice: Pay attention to the right nutrients

The PFC formula is one of the few diets that provides the same amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats – you don't have to do anything. For the last two nutrients, however, it is especially important to make a difference. For example, complex carbohydrates that are long lasting and provide valuable fiber (whole grains, legumes, etc.) and healthy fats (vegetable oils, oily fish, avocados, nuts) that support hormone balance and optimally supply the body. French fries, chips, fried chicken nuggets, butter, sausage and co. also contain the required nutrients, but only the inferior version of the same. Unfortunately, it only promotes disease and obesity, as if something really changed. Let's take the PFC formula seriously, and it is, the right To select nutrients.

Good or bad? This is what we think of the PFC Every 3 diet formula

Positive news? There seems to be a rethink in the nutrition and fitness scene. Instead of losing weight as fast as possible, more and more diets rely on a balanced diet that can help you lose weight a little slower, but healthy and sustainable. This is also true of the PFC Every 3 diet, which is actually very promising and serves as a good guide for those who do not consume enough nutrients in their daily lives. Criticism is the division of the board into three equal zones. A third of carbohydrates are a pretty big portion for those who want to lose weight and do not do much sports. In this case, more vegetables (if possible, with a little carbohydrate), a quarter of a plate of protein, a quarter of a plate of carbohydrates, and a small portion of healthy fats on top would be better.

And the distance between meals is also too precise, after all, every body is different. While some work great for a small meal at a short distance, others may be better able to cope with longer breaks with slightly larger meals. Here it is important to find out which strategy works best. You need to get to know your body well for this diet – but then you can actually create a successful diet change that leads to less weight and more well-being.

You can find more of Mark MacDonald's tips in his book "The Body of Trust":

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