"Medically motivated": A physiotherapist is excused in court 2

"Medically motivated": A physiotherapist is excused in court

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The Frankfurt physiotherapist must be held responsible for the sexual assault. He considers himself innocent. Now the punishment is clear.

Frankfurt – Constantin K. wants nothing to say about the incident, except of course he is innocent. Last November, a young woman came to a massage center downtown, where K. works as a physical therapist. Victoria S. knew that now the 33-year-old was probably transient, the prosecutor at least spoke of somewhat one-sided traffic of WhatsApp via mobile phone.

While the young woman is resting her stomach at a massage table, wearing a sweater and slippers, her lower back is still covered with a towel, said the physiotherapist's fingers wandering under her panties. “Should I continue with that?” K. should have asked. Not only did his patient refuse, he also filed a police report.

Frankfurt: Physiotherapist justifies himself with behavior

Eleven months later, the case ends in district court. Defendant's attorney makes a brief statement to his client that the treatment is "purely medically motivated." The query muscle is very close to the genital area. Prosecutor Kai Lindgens considers this nonsense but makes an offer. He offers to suspend the procedure if the physical therapist agrees to pay 2500 euros. € 1250 for a former patient, € 1250 for a woman's emergency call. Defendant K. is not sure how to handle the offer and is seeking a break from the negotiations. After consulting with his lawyer, he explains that it can be done that way.

Now the court wants to hear the suspect victim again, if she can live with her, if the proceedings are stopped. S. has since been married and will have a baby for two months, and she wants to do as little as possible with the incident last November.

The Frankfurt physiotherapist agrees to the fine

However, she admits, she had to talk about the issue. She had not gone to work for two weeks, assisted by her family and the women's ambulance. "Don't go through one without a trace," she says. Can one live with the attitude of the proceedings, asks the judge. "I hope the behavior shows that it had consequences," the witness says, somewhat shyly.

The victim did not have much zeal from the beginning, prosecutor Lindgens points out. That was one of the reasons why the incident resulted in an indictment at all. To prove sexual abuse, but because of "accidental" contact, it's not easy, the plaintiff justified his offer of engagement. The defendant, who considers himself innocent but refuses to say anything, gladly accepted the offer.

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