Mental illness: One in five people fall ill within one year 2

Mental illness: One in five people fall ill within one year

The Association of Psychologists also has a plea for better care for people with mental health problems diseases started ( Within two weeks, 8,000 people had already signed it. Wimmer-Puchinger: "And more than 2000 people have told us a very long report from their lives. This shows that there is a need here."

Poverty trap also for psychologists

"Mentally diseases are they a new poverty trap, ”he said Andrea BirbaumerPresident of the Society of Critical Psychologists. And he also speaks for young professional colleagues, "who after completing their studies do very intensive training to become a clinical psychologist." Problem: "There are no requirements for specialized training centers – they have to afford education first." And while there is no funding for psychological treatment, the potential of these well-trained colleagues is even broken.

There are also huge public service costs: mental diseases and its consequences cost up to € 12 billion a year – much of it could be saved through better prevention and care.

And Silvia Ballauch emphasizes, "It's in my head, it's not happening to me, but it can hit anyone."

You can find help in acute crises, including Telefonseelsorge (142), as well as Rat auf Draht (147) and online: &

in Vienna there are u.a. also non-stop emergency psychiatric emergency and emergency service on 01/31 330.

Telephone Counseling: Save Lives by Listening

How to provide first aid in mental crises

For forty years, there has been a Psychiatric Emergency Service for psychosocial service Vienna, a non-bureaucratic contact point for people in acute emotional crisis. Anyone who chooses 01 313 30 reaches one of fifty psychiatrists, psychologists or psychotherapists anytime of the day or night. Georg Psota, A psychiatrist specialist, has more than thirty years of experience in acute care and knows how the requirements have changed.