Miley Cyrus is in the hospital! What happened; 2

Miley Cyrus is in the hospital! What happened;

A few hours ago, Miley Cyrus posted a scary photo in Instagram story: "Wrecking Ball" interpreter is in the hospital! In her nightly lounge and with all the cannons in her hand, the 26-year-old looks nothing but top-notch. Only the stress of the last few months, now a hospital stay – was Miley Cyrus too much? What happened;

Miley Cyrus - mandelentzuendung

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Miley Cyrus has tonsillitis

Rumors have it Miley Cyrus from tonsillitis, who now has to be hospitalized not to have serious consequences for her vocal voiceOf course, she lets her fans join her on Instagram. This is how she posted on Instagram the story, a selfie from the hospital bed with the words: "I'm trying to get as good as possible so I can join Gorillapalooza this weekend with Ellen Degeneres, Portia de Rossi and Bruno Mars. Send me good recovery energy. I hope the gods of rock will send me one power and they will help me kick this shit into the gutter where it belongs. We need to save some gorillas! " Gorillapalooza is a charity event on October 12th dedicated to the rescue of endangered gorillas.

Miley Cyrus is very pleased with this hospital visitor

But that's not all Miley Cyrus posted on her Instagram story. A very special guest made Miley Cyrus glow in the hospital bed with joy: Cody Simpson. Recently, Miley confirmed her relationship with the four-year-old musician after she was spotted at a restaurant in Los Angeles. The 22-year-old brought his guitar to the hospital and played Miley with a sweet recovery scene – how cute! So Miley will definitely get back on his feet fast!

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