Minioni, Batman & Co .: For More Self-Confidence: The Mother of the Pimp of Your Son's Hearing Aid 2

Minioni, Batman & Co .: For More Self-Confidence: The Mother of the Pimp of Your Son's Hearing Aid

Need makes you inventive. In the case of Britain's Sarah Ivermee, that ingenuity has made many hearing impaired children look good with hearing aids.

Freddie is Sarah's son and deaf to one ear. At the age of three, he received a hearing aid. However, the beige design of the hearing aids is not very chic. It's not a big problem for Freddie, according to But not every child can face such self-esteem with hearing impairment. Sarah has increasingly noticed in her surroundings that children are ashamed or at least embarrassed when they have to wear their usual equipment. Some even felt like outsiders. Because the devices looked clumsy, boring – and not overlooked.

Batman, princesses and lots of colors

As the child often complained about hearing aid optics in Sarah's presence, Sarah shone with inspiration: she decorated beige plastic simply with a few floral stickers, which happened to happen. The bright eyes of a nine-year-old girl were then the last boost Sarah needed. She began to beautify other hearing aids, with materials such as stickers, pendants, lots of bright colors – and the equipment was no longer boring, but was a delight for the kids! And with such success that in 2014 they even created their own brand: with "LUGS", the UK mother now sells numerous designs of her personalized hearing aids. And son Freddie is, of course, her most important tester!

"Lugs" makes for radiant faces

Many children around the world have succeeded in making Sarah Ivermee happy. And help them not feel like outsiders with disabilities. Sarah constantly gets touching messages that say, "It makes me so grateful to receive Thanksgiving mails with photos of kids wearing and loving my Lugs hearing aids."


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