Negative effects of bleaching soaps - 2019 2

Negative effects of bleaching soaps – 2019

Whitening soaps are traditionally used to make the skin fair. It can fade freckles, sun damage, acne spots and even age spots. Bleaching soaps contain various ingredients to achieve a lighter skin. While some common ingredients (papaya, glycerin) are harmless, others such as hydroquinone or mercury are potentially dangerous. Always consult your dermatologist if you are using whitening soap as soap soaps can also have undesirable side effects despite the beneficial effects.

Negative effects of bleaching soaps - 2019 3

Whitening soaps can have negative side effects due to potentially harmful ingredients.


Ochronosis is a rare but potential side effect of hydroquinone use on the skin. Generally it is due to the prolonged use of hydroquinone in skin whitening products. This situation causes dark spots in the areas where bleaching products were used. The discoloration of the skin can vary in shades of gray and blue. You should seek the advice of a dermatologist to determine the best way to care for your skin and avoid the cause.

Hydroquinone, in addition to urtronization, can also cause adrenal cancer and problems.

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Mercury, used in some bleach soaps, can cause more damage to your body than it needs to do to your skin. Mercury is a dangerous heavy metal. This ingredient can irritate sensitive skin. Prolonged use of mercury-containing bleaching soaps can also lead to long-term skin problems, kidney problems and even nerve problems. Consult a doctor about safe skin care products that contain no potentially harmful ingredients.


Some skin scrubs are more alkaline. This means that the pH of the product is higher than 7. Whitening soaps, which are more alkaline than acidic, tend to make the skin susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections. These infections should be treated promptly by a physician to avoid permanent damage to the skin and potentially infect others. If the product has contributed to an infection, the use of the bleaching product should be stopped immediately.