News from Saxony-Anhalt | 08.10.19 | MDR.DE 2

News from Saxony-Anhalt | 08.10.19 | MDR.DE

Warning against government e-mails

Attorney General Saxony-Anhalt warns of government e-mails that could be contaminated with malware.According to MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT, it appears that state government e-mail addresses are being spied, which are now used to fake emails at ship. Criminal third parties have been placed behind the sender of these mails, and so has been notified from the Attorney General's office. In most cases, the Trojans would be sent as Word attachments to the infected mail. The Ministry of Justice, meanwhile, issued a security warning, warning against the opening of such damage.

The train detects lighthouses and fire extinguishers

Unknown people set up a station on Zerbst on the track on fire extinguishers and warning beacons on Monday night. According to federal police, an interurban route on the Magdeburg – Dessau route has captured objects. No one was hurt. The IC was checked at Dessau Main Station and was able to continue its journey. The Magdeburg Federal Police Inspectorate is investigating for dangerous interference with rail and is asking the population for help in seizing offenders.

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Every fourth Saxony hitchhiker can be vaccinated against the flu

Approximately one in four Saxon hitchhikers can be vaccinated against the flu. As research by the Krankenkasse technicians has shown, this is the highest in Germany. In Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, however, none of the tenth can be vaccinated against the flu. Paul Ehrlich Institute responsible for the vaccine has already released 17 million doses. That's over a million more than last year. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the past flu season was one of the strongest in decades. More than 25,000 people have died.

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Severe Accident on Federal Highway 185

An accident between Dessau and Oranienbaum injured six people on Monday, including three children. According to police, two vehicles collided on Federal Highway 185. All prisoners were transported to the hospital with injuries. So do children and children ages 4 and 5.

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Mass Financing Campaign for a Steam Locomotive in Mansfeld

The Mansfeld Mine Railway wants to raise donations on the Internet, so it is doing well again next year. One of the steam locomotives is currently being serviced and completely disassembled. The association can pay subsidies and donations. However, it has been found: the fire truck, now 80 years old, has to be completely rebuilt. TÜV would not accept the old component. The crowdfunding campaign is set to begin in November.

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It bothers at all the civic offices in Magdeburg

Due to a technical malfunction, there are currently considerable problems in all civic offices in Magdeburg. This applies, for example, to the application and issuance of identity cards or passports. The reason for the failure is the failure of some computer programs, the city of Magdeburg said. Government offices therefore have limited working capacity. The problem therefore affects anyone who needs, for example, a new passport or wants to register. You currently need patience because in many cases your request cannot be resolved. By the way, this also applies to customers who have previously arranged for a meeting in Bürgerbüro. According to the city, you will be notified by email or phone whether or not you are staying at the meeting.

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False alarm: The fire department is moving to Wolmirstedter School

A fire brigade headed to Wolmirstedt early Tuesday morning for Johannes Gutenberg Day School. The detectors alarmed for 6 hours, reports journalist MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT. Locally, it turned out to be a false alarm.

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Trial against a multi-convicted man

The trial of the currently arrested defendant from Dessau-Roßlau begins on Tuesday in Dessau District Court. A multi-convicted man has been charged with a total of 26 offenses, including robbery, robbery, assault and threatening. So he reportedly stole a flat screen among other things. At a hospital in Bitterfeld, the 27-year-old accused angrily tossed his computer off the front desk and allegedly mobilized police. The court has scheduled a trial for 14 days.

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Sangerhausen collects for Ratsglocke

The town of Sangerhausen is supposed to melt in the bell of the war council. Obviously, many would want this in and around Sangerhausen. For a week there was a large collection bin in Jacobikirche, Sangerhäuser and people from the surrounding area could dump their waste here. The scrap metal collected is sold and the proceeds benefit from the bell casting. It is funded by donations. When the container was picked up on Monday, it was packed. In short, it was decided to add another. By Friday morning in Jacobikirche again: scrap metal for a new bell.

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Men riot in a regional train

Two dog owners caused problems in a regional train from Köten to Dessau. When the men rejected four-legged friends from their seats, the conductor shut them off from the train in Elsnigk. Later, 18- and 32-year-olds threw a rolling train at the stones. The window opened. Federal police took personal information and filed criminal charges against the two.

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The Porzellaneum in Annaburg receives funding

Great pleasure in Annaburg in Wittenberg County. The Förderverein Porzellaneum has received a decision to award a grant of almost € 400,000. Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff brought a check to Annaburg. The money will turn part of the former porcelain factory into a museum. Therefore, the more than 140-year-old porcelain tradition in Annaburg should be kept alive.

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