Press release: "Yoga meets Weggis" in Vitznau 2

Press release: "Yoga meets Weggis" in Vitznau

10/09/2019 – 10:43 am

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3rd Yoga Meet Weggis Festival

on Last weekend in October, the yoga world met on Lake Lucerne. This year the festival is in Vitznau.

16 teachers from home and abroad, 15 workshops and 23 hours offer a wide range of yoga guidelines for beginners and advanced: from vinyas to pelvic massage with singing to "Run & Yoga". On Saturday, October 26, 2019, "Children's Yoga Day" premieres and moves toddlers very large. At the 3rd Yoga Festival in Central Switzerland, all events take place in one place: the FloraAlpina Hotel with its launch lake, water, waves and full-flow wellness are free of charge.

Yoga practice and nature in harmony

In 2019, organizers expect more than 200 visitors to the seminar hotel overlooking the lake. The only yoga festival in central Switzerland is attracting more and more people: yoga professionals as well as those who want to breathe the air of yoga. "The whole package of intense yoga-inspired exercises is awe-inspiring. At Yoga we meet with Weggis, the location and content are consistent. Already, more people have booked overnight packages than last year," says Beda Festival Director Linus Brügger. With Rigi in the back and views of the gentle waves of Lake Lucerne, stress and everyday life can be quickly forgotten.

Even more variety for perfect flow

With progress from November to the end of October, the program has been extended into 2019 and guarantees festival visitors even more diversity on Lake Lucerne. So there are meditative moments in the yin yoga class with the supportive power of bowl singing or the powerful "Run & Yoga" lesson accompanied by the professional accompaniment of former top athlete Ursina Badilatti. For the little ones there is their own program on "Children's Yoga Day". On the Swiss Riviera, you can relax for the weekend and breathe deep into the fresh air away from the bustling city.

Sound names in international composition

At "Yoga Meets Weggis," local and international yoga greats are embarking on a unique program. Not only the singing bowls, but the names sound like: Rameen Peyrow celebrated his Swiss premiere with the "Science of Self" method, Jivamkuti-Profi Yogeswari demonstrates how Vinyas strings flow successfully and Aimée Challies, how to use Garudu Yoga Method, Pilates and Dance Connect. Being a Swiss star is a u.a. former track skier and Forrest yoga teacher Ursina Badilatti at the start.


Complete lineup and festival passes:

Photos of all the teachers on "https://scienceofself.comYoga meets Weggis “2019. years:


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