Psychotherapist Study Program | Rehm. The best answer 2

Psychotherapist Study Program | Rehm. The best answer

In the future, a license to work as a psychotherapist or psychotherapist should be obtained after a five-year university degree. Retirement education is required to access the public health insurance pension system. A new course should be offered for the first time in the winter semester of 2020.

Job name changed

The term psychotherapist / psychotherapist will in future be defined as the name of the work. Until now, the term has been psychological psychotherapist or child and adolescent psychotherapist. Physicians who offer psychotherapy may call themselves a medical psychotherapist.

Modern, demanding education

In the future, universities may offer direct study for psychotherapy training. It is divided into three-year bachelor's and two-year master's degrees, and it ends with a state psychotherapy exam. The license to practice is given to the passed exam.

Continuing Education: Reasonable Fee

The course should be followed by further training in hospital or outpatient facilities, organized under the relevant state law. In the outpatient and inpatient areas, treatment services provided by continuing education psychotherapists (PiWs) in the context of further education are reimbursed from health insurance funds.

The fixed portion of the compensation paid by health insurance to outpatient care centers provided by continuing psychotherapists ("PiWs") should be transferred to employees. The same rule applies to aspiring psychotherapists who have started their pre-system training ("PiAs").

Future psychotherapists and psychotherapists who have already started their education will receive a minimum of € 1000 a month in training (“PiA”) during training (full-time) as a psychotherapist. No compensation has been regulated so far. The minimum fee is refinanced by health insurance funds.

Upon completion of their education, psychotherapists have the right to register in the doctor's register and apply for admission to outpatient psychotherapy care in the compulsory health insurance system.

Improvements in the treatment of people with mental illness

The bill should also improve the supply of people with mental illness. Family doctors, psychotherapists, addiction counseling centers and family services should cooperate better in the future. To this end, a Federal Joint Committee should be commissioned for better structure and coordination of actions.

And the transition from hospital to outpatient care should also be facilitated: Trial meetings of psychotherapists in private practice should be able to take place at an early stage on the hospital premises.

In addition, participation in group therapies will no longer require opinion. This facilitates access.

In order to encourage psychotherapists who fulfill their full mission care to offer more places for therapy, a reimbursement supplement will be introduced.

The law was passed by the German Bundestag on September 26 and is subject to Bundesrat approval. It should be announced in the second half of 2019.

Source: Federal Ministry of Health Internet Message dated 9/27/2019

Bernhard Faber
Judge at the Augsburg Labor Court a. D.