PurHealthRX ® announces the completion of the first major
non-pharmaceutical CBD study in humans 2

PurHealthRX ® announces the completion of the first major non-pharmaceutical CBD study in humans

Las Vegas, April 6, 2016 / PRNewswire / – PurHealthRX ® has announced the completion of the first major clinical trial investigating the anti-age effects and safety of full-spectrum cannabis CBD in human volunteers. The study was conducted with the support of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

A randomized placebo-controlled study among 150 patients showed that full-spectrum hemp CBD oil had a significant impact on a number of age-related factors.

The study examined markers of inflammation, cardiovascular and metabolic indicators, while monitoring restlessness and sleep.

"We are very pleased that our Purzorb® formulation of full-spectrum CBD hemp oil has had such a powerful effect on these anti-aging factors," said Matt Smith.

"Inflammation and cardiovascular problems are part of the aging process and since it has had a significant impact on so many of these factors, there is strong evidence that the endocannabinoid system plays an important role in the aging process." Smith explained.

He is the first non-pharmaceutical study to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of cannabinoids that occur naturally such as CBD.

PurHealthRX ® scientists have been working on cannabinoid delivery methods that have been occurring naturally since 2014. “Working with industrial hemp since the enactment of the 2014 Farm Bill has given us a comprehensive understanding of the problems the market is facing,” Smith said.

"The lack, shortcomings and lack of standardization, coupled with a lack of clinical data, have created a great deal of confusion for consumers who could really benefit from CBD products," Smith said. In the study, inflammatory markers such as tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin 6, C-reactive protein and NF-B were examined. Both metabolic and cardiovascular parameters such as HA1c, LDL / HDL and homocysteine ​​were measured. An important finding was that HA1c levels in the subjects decreased by almost one point on average.

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PurHealthRX® is a health and wellness company that manufactures, markets and markets full-spectrum CBD petroleum products. The company uses proprietary Purzorb® technology that mimics the body's natural absorption process by converting oil-based nutrients into water-soluble products. Purzorb® products are sold under the Med 7® and Pur 7® brands and are marketed as Biosorb ™ in products sold through Q Sciences.

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