Research Collaboration with Nobel Laureate for Medicine 2

Research Collaboration with Nobel Laureate for Medicine

This year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine will be awarded to William Kaelin, Gregg Semenza and Sir Peter Ratcliffe for their groundbreaking research on the characterization of oxygen sensitivity. Thanks to investigations by three doctors, it is now known that cells measure and adjust their oxygen content. The cellular and molecular mechanisms of this oxygen sensitivity play a significant role in many diseases, such as tumor formation, but also in circulatory disorders of almost all organs. Medicine 4 scientists focus on a translational approach to affect the mechanisms of oxygen sensitivity in acute and chronic renal failure, cardiovascular disease, blood vessels and kidney, and in the development of malignant kidney tumors. The collaboration with Peter Ratcliffe began in 2004 with the appointment of former hospital director prof. Dr. Honey. Kai-Uwe Eckardt and has continued successfully since. The current leaders of the Working Group in Medicine 4 (Prof. Dr. Michael Wiesener, Prof. Dr. Carsten Willam, and PD Dr. Johannes Schödel), together with Sir Peter Ratcliffe, researched during their long stay at their laboratory in Oxford and successfully continued this work in Erlangen .

Results of this research collaboration: Scientists now have a better understanding of how malignant kidney tumor develops and are now able to apply pharmacological stabilizers of hypoxia-induced transcription factors. Both are thoroughly based on research by Sir Peter Ratcliffe and his collaborative partners. Currently, drugs are being used in clinical trials in patients with chronic renal failure, currently mainly for the treatment of renal anemia, with research on acute renal failure and circulatory disorders (see also p. Schödel J, Ratcliffe PJ. Mechanisms of hypoxia signaling: new implications for nephrology. Nature Review Nephrology 2019, 10: 641-659).

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