Sausage sprouts: Wilke also delivered to MV 2

Sausage sprouts: Wilke also delivered to MV

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After extensive recall of the Wilke chemical products sausage products manufactured by the company, the company's products were shipped to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This is a NDR 1 Radio MV survey. Accordingly, metro markets were shipped to the country. This can be found, for example, in Neustrelitz, Waren, Kritzow near Wismar and Wolgast. Contaminated sausages are sliced ​​salami and pizza toppings. Products were taken off the shelf.

Sausage sprouts: Products are also shipped to MV


The Hessian company Wilke also supplied the products to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The goods went to Metro and IKEA stores in Rostock. Sales have since stopped.

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In Hesse sausages, germs of listeriosis were detected. (Themenbild)

Also affected: IKEA in Rostock. The furniture market was stocked with sausage slices. Sales have stopped in the meantime, the breakfast pastry sausage comes from another manufacturer. Are other supermarkets or discounters found to be affected in the country.


How many consumers can be sure that no Wilke sausage is left on their plates? Are hygiene defects the cause of germinating products? Answers to the most important questions. (7/10/2019)

So far, there has been no disease in MV

The State Office for Health and Human Services has so far no information that people in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are ill. Since the beginning of the year, six Listeria cases have been reported to the Agency. However, there are no findings that these people were infected because they ate Wilke's contaminated sausage. People who get infected have so-called listeriosis. Those who are affected initially feel that they have the flu. For example, you may get fever, muscle aches, or vomiting. Immunocompromised and pregnant women are particularly at risk. In the worst case, the infection can end up fatal.

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NDR // News

After Listeria was found in the sausage of the helicopter Wilke, authorities are now trying to find out the extent to which the contaminated sausage was delivered.
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Wurke warning from Wilke: Two deaths in southern Hesse are very likely related to sausage products. Lower Saxony may also be affected. (4/10/2019)

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The clinical products of the Wilke sausage maker could be responsible for listeriosis diseases. Implications for industry and consumers were commented by Verena Gonsch.

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