Skin Care: This daily cream replaces any Instagram filter 2

Skin Care: This daily cream replaces any Instagram filter

In the morning, things just have to go fast, so our skin care should not take too much time. Fortunately, there is a daily cream that can compete with any Instagram filter …

Even the stars swear by these weapons of beauty for miracles

It is considered the holy grail among day creams: "Eight Hour Cream" Elizabeth Arden, Stars like Beyoncé or Kourtney Kardashian are already big fans of all-round beauty – and that's obviously true. Rich cream should be so good that it can replace almost any other cosmetic product, We'll tell you what a miracle cure can do.

What is special about day cream?

It feels like "Eight Hour Cream" just about everything. In seconds, it gives off a fresh and radiant complexionwho can easily follow the Instagram filter. Day cream, which provides a lot of moisture but does not provide just one superb gloss, it should also be true wrinkle killer be. First of all, sensitive skin around the eye area would benefit from a rich skincare product.

Victoria Beckham, Kourtney Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker use "Eight Hour Cream" as lip careNot only are they softer, they also have a slight sheen.

Plus, you can make miracle cream very easy as a highlighter use. Beyoncé makeup artist offers the beauty of versatility Glossy-leader, Cheryl Cole wears it as Highlighter on cheeks on.

As if that wasn't enough, "Eight Hour Cream" Elizabeth Arden protect scaly skin and rough elbows from drying out.

You can buy the cream here for about 23 euros

These daily creams have a similar effect

Skin Care: This daily cream replaces any Instagram filter 3
first Weleda
"Skin Food", buy here for about 8 euros
else Vitayes "Perfector", buy here for about 40 euros
the third Lavera "Empowering Day Care", shop here for around € 12

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