Study: Climate change causes youth health problems / Young women in particular are concerned about their physical and mental health at a time of rising temperatures 2

Study: Climate change causes youth health problems / Young women in particular are concerned about their physical and mental health at a time of rising temperatures

09/10/2019 – 08:30

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Villingen-Schwenningen (ots)

The health consequences of climate change are felt not only by older people, but also by younger people: climate change is affected by 41 percent of men between the ages of 14 and 34, with 45 percent talking about the psychological burden. Interestingly, at 51 percent, women are more affected than men (39 percent). These are the results of Schwenninger's Health Future 2019 study and the Die Gesundarbeiter Foundation. More than 1000 young people and young people in Germany between the ages of 14 and 34 were tested.

Children ages 14 to 17 are particularly concerned: 52 percent said climate change was causing them psychological problems. In the 18 to 25 (48 percent) and 26 to 34 (40 percent) age groups, psychological burden is less pronounced. In contrast, there is a unique picture of the physical effects of climate change: it is around 40 percent in all age groups.

Worry about the future

"The younger generation is sensitive to this topic and is concerned about its future," explains Dr. Tanja Katrin Hantke, health expert at Schwenninger Health Insurance, a critical outlook for Generations Y and Z: "62 percent of children ages 14 to 17 are very or even very worried that climate change could harm their health in the future The age group of 26-34 is still 53 percent. "

The women also questioned their own behavior. He spoke every second that he had a remorse for his lifestyle. "Only 40 percent are men," Hantke says. "It seems I can better hide this topic."

The challenge for the healthcare system

"It's noticeable that not only the older generation is affected by the temperature rise, but many younger people are already experiencing physical effects," the doctor said. It is not a phenomenon of individual groups, but it affects the entire population.

"A lot of overtime is coming to our health system with climate change," Hantke warns. Even in the past, large temperature jumps and heat waves have led to a measurable increase in cardiovascular discomfort. "If we experience more extreme heat waves in 20 years, it will have a significant impact on overall health." This is another reason why the first profession on climate change and health in Germany was founded this year in Berlin's Charité to meet future challenges.

The study Future Health 2019 – Young German Citizens on a Pulse Feeling (PDF) can be found here:

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