The sauerkraut diet is so good: the new look of superfood 2

The sauerkraut diet is so good: the new look of superfood

Nowadays fermentation is really no longer needed. Although we can easily keep our food fresh in the fridge or freezer today, people used to have to be a little more creative. It was only by fermentation or fermentation that it was possible to continue to use certain foods.

Fermented vegetables are a new superfood

The latest food trend is based on that fermentation. New York chef and health coach Pete Evans, for example, describes fermented vegetables in & # 39; Mind Body Green & # 39; as & # 39; natural probiotics & # 39 ;. It contains lactic acid, which is good for digestion. Of course, you should not eat a fully fermented meal, but in addition, controlled vegetables are great for balancing your stomach and keeping your gut flora healthy.

Sour cabbage as a means of increasing energy

Fermented foods are also considered to be real energy boosters. If you suffer from fatigue often, this could be a healthy antidote for you. By the way, those who think the whole thing is disgusting said sauerkraut or Korean kimchi is also fermented food.

Sour cabbage diet

Acid cabbage helps us to have a healthy gut flora and thus better digestion of all foods. Sour cabbage is nothing but white cabbage preserved by lactic acid fermentation. The cut cabis is mixed with 1.5% salt and puree in fermentation vessels. In the tub, lactic acid bacteria become active by pressing and turning off the air which, by releasing carbonic acid, converts the sugar in the kais into lactic acid. Therefore, neither cabbage nor fat is added to sauerkraut, which makes it an attractive and light winter vegetable. With just a few calories, sauerkraut is ideal for dieting.

How Does A Cabbage Diet Work?

Acid cabbage is rich in minerals and vitamins A, B, C and K, has a detoxifying effect and promotes digestion. With only about 15 kilocalories per 100 grams, sauerkraut is ideal for a low-calorie diet. It is also quick to satiate and has almost no fat.

In a diet with sauerkraut, the herb should be the main ingredient in any meal. However, it is important not to exceed the total calorie count of 1000 calories per day. You must eat sauerkraut with healthy fats (for example, linseed oil or olive oil). At least two servings must be combined with protein.

Not all of these diets are appropriate, Pete Evans warned. People with thyroid problems should be cautious as fermented vegetables can upset them. Even people who take antidepressants are often advised to refrain from fermented foods.

By the way, fermentation is not an easy process, so keep that in mind if you want to try it at home. Please be informed exactly how everything should be. (CM)

Superfood from the region

Healthy and inexpensive: Cabbage also contains many vital substances.

Healthy and inexpensive: Cabbage also contains many vital substances.

Pussy, Goji, Chia. "Superfood" is usually expensive and exotic. But it’s also local and cheap.

The question of the faith of superfoods

Exotic superfoods are trending.


What is 'Superfood?

Switzerland has also made worldwide noise about certain ultra-healthy foods that are designed to stop the aging process and protect against free radicals.