The spread of meningococcus C in Bavaria - the disease can become life-threatening in a few hours 2

The spread of meningococcus C in Bavaria – the disease can become life-threatening in a few hours

There are currently an increasing number of meningococcal cases in Bavaria. According to the State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL), six people are already infected there. Ebersberg County is particularly affected. There were only two cases in the previous year.

According to LGL, pathogens can lead to meningitis and sepsis, which is why the disease is considered life-threatening. The risk group mainly involves young children and adolescents. Symptoms include headache, nasopharyngeal problems, fever and chills. The transfer takes place with the person's close contact with the person.

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Vaccination is already possible from 12 months

Meningococci are widespread and occur in twelve variants. In the case of strain C, experts recommend the vaccine for pathogens at an early age. According to the Robert Koch Institute, this is possible from the first year of life. In contrast to other variants, immunization is only recommended for at-risk groups.

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Every seventh student in Bavaria is not vaccinated

In the free state, the vaccination rate has increased according to the RKI, but is still a concern. Here are six of the seven students vaccinated against meningococcus-C. Thus, the Free State is below the national average. The LGL advises that child, adolescent and youth vaccine protection be reviewed and reimbursed as necessary.

It was not until June that a three-year-old woman in Dresden contracted meningococcal disease and died. After the girl's death, 37 children attending the same daycare center took two days to be treated with antibiotics as a precaution.

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