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The top manager has dared a fresh start – Franconian News

Waldbrunn.For many years, Peter Buchenau lived what many dreamed of: as a highly paid manager, he worked at a large international corporation, made good money, traveled the world for his job, and was responsible for nearly 200 employees.

All that didn't make the 57-year-old happy: "It wasn't the life I wanted. Because of the group structure, I was always just one number. I just didn't want to be the ball anymore."

The tragic death within his department finally made him think. His supervisors declined to implement measures that improve employee health. Despite his professional success, Buchenau has drawn a line below his management career. "That was not difficult for me at the time because I just couldn't relate the company philosophy to my own values. I would do it over and over again if the dignity of the human being was not respected," Buchenau says critically.

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The top manager at the time reoriented himself, trained as an anti-stress coach and wrote his first books. So he regained the freedom and independence he sought, as he formulated in an interview with FN.

Then she starts working as a trainer and lecturer on stress management. Today, the author and personality development coach, who lives in Waldbrunn in the Würzburg district, advises people who like him or her would like to start a new career or want to continue their career planning. "I see myself as a 'managerial artist' in the digital age. Under this term, I can combine my activities as a coach, coach, consultant, mentor or speaker," Buchenau says in describing his work. He wants to encourage people not to be "replaceable" and go their own way.

The 57-year-old has also been working as an author for some time: he has written more than 20 works on stress and planning for the future. Because of the eponymous series of management books, the author is now called "Mr. Chefsache “famous.

In 2019, Buchenau received the Frieling Verlag Literary Award for the story of the "milestone" in which he wrote down his career from manager to author and artist. "Mostly people come to me who want to change something and have enough of their previous life in a hamster school. I show ways and opportunities, where and how they can change," explains the personality trainer. people over a long period of time.

The advice is usually very intense. "Figuratively speaking, I am always in the shadow of my clients and walking side by side. For example, often call me in the evening if the person in question has an important personal conversation the next day. We then go through possible discussion scenarios and discuss how the client is doing best. it's just fun for people. Only those who love them can lead them well, "Buchenau assured.

Hard time for workers

Usually watch out for up to five people at a time. It would be more difficult otherwise the quality of the advice would suffer. In particular, the people he follows over a long period often grow to heart, because, of course, the conversation is always about private matters. However, an experienced personality trainer always pays attention to maintaining the required distance: "This is self-protection for me."

Buchenau does not see workers easily: "We will have an oversupply of replaceable workers. With fears arising, many people come to me."

"Be unique and not perfect"

Personality is becoming more and more important, but knowledge is a less important thing, as Buchenau is convinced. Anyone wishing to advance their careers must seek allies and show empathy, Buchenau says. "The higher the career ladder, the more important it is."

Works with people to avoid mediocrity or comparability. He gives each of them the following sentence: "Be unique and not perfect."

Own a cabaret program

His heart's desire to act as a cabaret artist, he could now put into reality: "I used to be a class clown and as a child I used to play theater for young people." At Cabernet Buchenau I was particularly fascinated by the fact that it can hold a mirror to other people without theirs To hurt feelings: "Fun and counseling are not a contradiction."

It combines serious themes with humorous or cabaret elements. He can see it 150 times a year with his comedy program Men & # 39; s Snuff.

Even today, Peter Buchenau in his "triple role" as a trainer, author and cabaret artist often has a lot of work to do.

But he is completely happy with that. For he has made a fresh start.

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