Weight Loss Without Sport With Milla Marelli Concept 2

Weight Loss Without Sport With Milla Marelli Concept

With 5 simple basics, Milla Marelli wants to show her clients that they can lose weight without exercising.

He uses his own experience to create individual plans for weight loss. Physical data and the daily behavior of their nutrition and exercise potentials are used as a basis. On top of that, people who are chronically severely restricted should benefit from their holistic concept.

Milla Marelli has already experienced what it means to carry too many pounds. She managed to lose 52 kg of pure body fat and collapsed from a total of 115 kg to 63 kg. After the accident, she was frustrated because she could no longer move carelessly. She got into the wrong eating habits out of frustration. She tried different diets several times. Also, pills, concussions and similar weight loss tricks did not lead to success. Due to her work and family, she was very limited in time. So she took a recommendation from a friend to deal with nutrition in detail. Proper nutrition accounts for 80% of consumer success. In its concept, Marelli strives for a long-term change in diet and behavior. It reflects the habits of those interested. In online consultations, she demonstrates how uncomplicated movement can be integrated into daily life and thus lose weight without sports (https://www.einfach-zur-traumfigur.de/). For example, she recommends the bike as a daily commute or explains that climbing stairs can be helpful for weight loss. In her weight loss plans, Marelli puts the stress-free environment at the forefront. He also pays sufficient attention to his clients ’sleep. Psychological components are important for losing weight because people are stressed and tired tend to crave food. She also wants to work on drinking issues. Water intake before a meal makes you full. We feel more vital if we drink enough during the day. Milla Marelli also explains in her coaching that a little psycho-traction can help to achieve a faster sense of satiety. With his program, he wants to make weight loss understandable without stress and without any complications: "You can achieve your dream figure without hunger, sports, stress, pills or shaking. I like to help women find their dream figures easily and naturally," says Milla Marelli her concept.


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