What to Wear to Miami Nightlife? 2

What to Wear to Miami Nightlife?

All about Miami sizzles. The weather, the nightlife and the people are hot, hot and hot. But it should not intimidate you. With the perfect outfit, a little dazzling and right attitude, you will have no problem going through the velvet ropes and the wild bouncers to enjoy the true Miami experience.

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There is something magical about a night in Miami. The night doesn't start before midnight and heads straight to a glorious sunrise in South Beach, but that's part of the charm. This is important to note so you can plan accordingly (that is, stacking a pair of flip flops and extra money for a taxi if your legs kill at the end of the night). Whether you visit clubs, hotel bars or art galleries, in a small black dress (focus for a while) you can't go wrong. It's Miami – show your feet, show your hands, show some skin. High heels are a must. Silver, gold or metallic purple heels are always an eye-catcher. You can look so sexy in a denim as long as it's thin and dark. Combined with a shiny top (sparks is a must) and heels, you'll be the queen of the club. Another hot look is warm pants. Short shorts with a flowing, floral top and naturally high heels are ideal for a nighttime atmosphere. Be comfortable and master. If you have the right attitude, you can't wear anything in Miami.

Comfortable men

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Oh, men have it so easy. Guayabera, anyone? Yes, regular Cuban shirts are always in fashion, either with trousers or checkered trousers. Men can get away with wearing jeans, as long as the denim is dark and it looks depressing. The other pattern for men is a button-print shirt (think paisley, plaid or floral) with dark denim or khakis. Shoes, slippers or lace are better than sandals or sneakers.

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Beautiful women can also get away with anything (trendy) in Miami. Always remember that your hair is the best accessory, so make it big or iron it flat. And don't forget to polish your lips. Think glowing, glitter and glitter. Nightlife in Miami is a great party and you want to shine.

Men, however, must abide by the rules. Shorts are never a good idea, as door guards are always looking for an excuse to keep kids out of the club. Forget flip flops too. If your shoes don't cost more than $ 200, you'd better leave them at home.