5 Halloween looks like you don't need a costume 2

5 Halloween looks like you don't need a costume

Halloween is just around the corner and again the question is, should you not be able to conjure something out of old clothes this year. The expensive costumes you wear do not give many. Because who likes to wear the same costume twice? How about a simple costume-free and still Halloween look? We show you how!

Play with your hair

This is for the hair – torn here, because torn? No problem! Today our hair may be exactly as it is. If there should be something more, just give it a go. Secure a small decorative spider from the previous year into your hair and hair clip – the first look is ready! For all those who might be more, there is a light-colored hair spray. Easy to wash, a last-minute idea is ingenious.

5 Halloween looks like you don't need a costume 3
© Zharinova Marina | equilibreplus.com

Today, it might be colorful

It was black and gray yesterday. At Smokey Eyes, we love having no time today and catching too colorful and fluttering. With the right make-up, we make sure not only at the office, but also at the Halloween party in the evening. With the colorful products of NYX Professional Makeup we are well equipped for it. Whether primer, eyeshadow, kohl or lipstick – infallible products shine in their original function, but let your Halloween make-up creativity go wild. Get inspired by the NYX Professional Makeup Lookbook at missAPP! Psst: With the current missAPP bug, you can vote for your favorite Halloween look. We will make up for it in our missHEADQUARTER with a professional national makeup artist from NYX Professional Makeup.

5 Halloween looks like you don't need a costume 4
Terrifyingly beautiful styles with NYX Professional Makeup

Full load of horror

Down in the basement is still somewhere – a doll, which you used to worry about every day as a child. Get away from it! A doll in one hand, a lollipop in the other. Hair braided in two braids, face very slightly braided, tucked in a black dress and – don't laugh 😉 Get out on the street and come out scary. Brrr … the idea itself shakes us.

5 Halloween looks like you don't need a costume 5
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Less is (sometimes) more

Little Halloween, but not too much? How about creative nails? Oranger Basic-flaw and small Halloween-style stickers make for a neat eye appeal. For a perfect fit, a top coat over it and a spooky Halloween party can get you started. 👻

5 Halloween looks like you don't need a costume 6
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Enjoy pumpkin off the couch

For some, predicting Halloween is one year, for others it is an absolutely daunting day – in the true sense of the word. Some carry pumpkin on their heads – others enjoy soup. 🎃 If you are not a fan of Halloween, you are probably comfortable sitting on a chill-up couch. To create a bit of a mood, pumpkin soup not only tastes absolutely good, it also provides the body with many important nutrients and also low in calories.

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We are absolutely ready for Halloween and look forward to cool creations of make-up and one or other tousled hair, including a spider web – and you?