Activities in a teenage fire 2

Activities in a teenage fire

One of the coolest parts of teenagers can have is a fire. Popular teen shows often include teenage characters who gather around a camp fire, and some high schools even have fires. While an adult should always be there to make sure the fire doesn't go out of control, a campfire is an ideal opportunity to connect with your closest friends or class. Whatever the cause of the fire, there are many activities to keep everyone happy and happy.

Activities in a teenage fire 3

Credit: David De Lossy / Photodisc / Getty Images Relax with your friends on a beach fire.


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credit: Jupiterimages / Stockbyte / Getty Images Take time to relax.

If the camp intends to finish school or the end of the school year, take the time to sit by the fire and talk about the crazy, funny, and wild stories of the past year or during high school. It would be fun to look back at times that seemed so serious and made us laugh about the situation. If the camp is usually your closest friends and you are all graduates, take turns talking about how much everyone means to you, or exchanging little farewell gifts with each other.

Play games

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credit: Jupiterimages / / Getty Images Play games.

Use the bonfire to play beach volleyball and make sure the net is far from the flames. Create a makeshift football flag game or relay match. If the campfire is co-ed, you have a down-flag football game where the girls play football and the kids cheer for the side. You can also play interactive social games like "questions", where you have to answer a question with a question to stay in the game or divide the team into two groups and play scenes.

Dance and singing

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Credit: David De Lossy / Photodisc / Getty Images Dancing and singing.

Bring a radio and speakers to the camp so everyone can dance to their favorite songs. Bring a CD of the most popular current artists and have a wide variety of music when you invite a different group of friends. Ask other teenagers to bring their CDs or MP3 players as well. Have a dance competition to make it more interesting. Lead the group to a hard tradition of high school anthem or selected song of the class.


Serve simple fires and snacks during the fire celebration. Bring hot dogs to the fire, as well as marshmallows, caramel and graham crackers to make s & rsquo; s. Other food ideas include popcorn packaged in leaves that you can pop over the fire, corncob and fried in the fire and a mix of spices. Another nice thing is a bucket of sweets, a treat that all teens will love.