Air Color: 6 tips for ultimate gloss 2

Air Color: 6 tips for ultimate gloss

Flawless irresistible skin: We discover which celebrity products conjure up a glossy look and how you can enchant your radiant complexion with a little effort.

1. Miranda Kerr relies on hyaluronan ampoules

"I swear on Hyaluron"reveals model Miranda Kerr. "In the form of face sprays, this is the one Perfect skin care in between, They moisturize the skin and give it radiance. " Great: For some hyaluronic ampoules, there is a great spray. Just add some water – wonderfully refreshing.

Air Color: 6 tips for ultimate gloss 3
"Hydra Plus", buy here for about 17 euros

2. Beauty tip by Bridget Malcom: Shea butter

The property of shea butter? She is super moisturizing, Australian model Bridget Malcom knows this and relies on natural hydro-thrusters. "I rely on this ingredient in my care routine."says Bridget.

Air Color: 6 tips for ultimate gloss 4
naissance "Shea butter – 306", buy here for about 10 euros

3. Thanks to Glow à la Gwyneth Paltrow Grapefruit Oil

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow swears grape products for a clear complexion. They are finally full of antioxidants a real anti-aging enhancer are. Gwyneth's advice: "I massage grape seed oil neatly into the skin enhances blood circulation".

Air Color: 6 tips for ultimate gloss 5
naissance "Grape Seed Oil (No. 210)", buy here for about € 8

4. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley swears by retinol

Is Superhero Skin Care: Retinol activates cell renewal and drives everything else dull skin to shine! British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is already a fan: “The active ingredient It tightens the skin and let it shine. "

Air Color: 6 tips for ultimate gloss 6
"Retinol Intensive Serum", buy here for about 35 Euros

5. Vitamin C is Lisa Soberano's secret weapon

Wow! Lisa radiates her complexion with the sun. The secret of the actress? "My concern includes lots of moisture and Vitamin C." No wonder, after all, the substance is a real radical purifier!

Air Color: 6 tips for ultimate gloss 7
Bioniva "Vitamin C serum", buy here for about 19 euros

6. Karolína Kurková is a honey lover

Not only delicious, but also caring! Applied externally, Honey has an antibacterial and moisturizing effect, Even the supermodel is excited: "I like to distribute one A serving of milk, honey and oatmeal on my face! "

Air Color: 6 tips for ultimate gloss 8
"Bee peptide", buy here for about 22 euros

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