Andropause: These 5 signs indicate that your husband is menopausal 2

Andropause: These 5 signs indicate that your husband is menopausal

Male menopause is not comparable to female

Only women aged 40 to 50 enter menopause? By the way! Even men of that age can experience great hormonal chaos. Andropause, as the phenomenon is called in men, according to urologist prof. Dr. Honey. Summer, but not comparable to women's menopause. While the sex hormone estrogen in women is rapidly and quickly broken down, the male sex hormone testosterone is gradually and individually reduced over the years. Andropause is not analogous to menopause. There are various terminologies to describe changes in the male body, such as the aging male syndrome, testosterone deficiency syndrome, or age-related testosterone deficiency.

Hot flashes, mood swings, sleep disorders like in women? We show you what you are talking about according to prof. Dr. Honey. Summer can tell you that hormones are going crazy with your husband.

5 signs that testosterone is reduced in men

A menopausal man? Symptoms can have other causes

Not all these changes in the male body can be induced to alter the hormonal balance. The cause can be, for example, liver, kidney or cardiovascular diseases or even malignant tumors. "In this case, consult your doctor and discuss these issues so that you can rule out other conditions and work with you to schedule further treatment or treatment," the urologist recommends.

I: The reason for the change in testosterone production does not occur naturally throughout the body, but can also be caused by medication. If you are taking any medicine, check the instructions for use!