Auxiliary animals: Can animals treat humans? Documentation of the "worry" series on SWR television 2

Auxiliary animals: Can animals treat humans? Documentation of the "worry" series on SWR television

09.10.2019 – 13:51

SWR – Southwest Broadcasting

Auxiliary animals: Can animals treat humans? Documentation series

Stuttgart (ots)

SWR Doku: "Animals can be healed by humans?" / Wednesday, December 4, 2019 from 8.15am to 9pm, SWR Television

There are dogs that alert people to heart attacks, seizures or low blood sugar and can save lives in times of crisis. As co-therapists, animals are also used as emotional door openers, natural stress relievers, or as social skills teachers. Documentation on SWR television shows the affected and their animal helpers. It also addresses the dark side of flourishing: There are no legal quality standards across the country for animal-assisted training. "concerns that animals can treat humans?" on Wednesday, December 4, at 8:15 pm on SWR television.

Barneys Stupsen warns of excessive and too little sugar The little bulldog Barney, barely half a year old, trains on the side of his owner Mathis D. as a diabetic warning dog. The 38-year-old from Hamburg has been suffering from type 1 diabetes for many years. Barney should learn how to calm hypoglycemia and hypoglycemia and report it in a timely manner by constantly nibbling. For nine months, Barney and his master have been "involved" in their education. Humans and dogs are trained by Michael Ristau, who also works with the Dogs with a Job association for unique testing criteria and quality standards in training assistance dogs.

Fidelia reveals the symptoms of Morbus Menière

In Marbach am Neckar, north of Stuttgart, lives Caissa E. and her bitch Fidelia. Caissa E. suffers from Meniere's disease, a rare disease associated with severe attacks of dizziness and nausea. Along with a dog trainer, the 57-year-old trained many years ago, the country's first-aid dog for Meniere's disease. Her new Bergamas shepherd, Fidelia, is set to learn how to review seizures, bring medication, hit an emergency button, and support Caissa E. with dizzying spells. A lot of training, patience and good instruction are prerequisites.

Animal-based education

The positive influence of domestic and domestic animals on the human psyche has been systematically investigated for some time. Ingrid Stephan pioneered her work in the field of animal-based pedagogy in Germany. At her institute near Hanover, a social worker has been training professionals who want to work in this field for 25 years. It also requires binding quality standards for the advanced industry.

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