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Sabine Wagenhofer

36, married, 2 children (6 + 4 years), quality manager

In December 2018, she felt a hardening in her right breast. After mammography, magnetic resonance imaging and tissue biopsy, she was diagnosed shortly before Christmas: malignant breast cancer. After many tests, the chemotherapy, which she received every three weeks, began in mid-January. Because of the bad side effects, she couldn't take care of her children a week after that. In mid-June 2019, Sabine received her last chemo, and at the end of July, an operation was performed, a Right Breast Massectomy with immediate reconstruction. She is eternally grateful for the help and support of her entire family, husband Markus, colleagues and best friend Katrin and all the friends who have always been there for her, giving her time and peace to cope with the disease.

"… and eventually I'll dance!", Sabine Wagenhofer "data-id =" 182964

Self-Made Eyebrows: Makeup artist Catharina Flieger shows free make-up workshop participants how they can color missing eyebrows with their own hands. "data-id =" 182967

Anneliese Haas

63, Retired

In 2017, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. From August to November 2017, she received chemotherapy. To this day, Anneliese Haas feels the consequences. Her husband left her 14 years ago with a heart attack. The fact that she would develop cancer once was predictable for the 63-year-old. Her father died of lung cancer, her mother died of small bowel cancer. "I thought one of us three sisters would get cancer. I always said, I hope so, because I have no children and my husband is no longer with me." And Anneliese is strong, resists cancer. "Only the heavy ones pass." Whining is out of the question for her. Her sisters, nephews and circle of friends support her very strongly. Anneliese Haas always sees the positive in every situation. "From diagnosis I go with my eyes open through the world, I see every butterfly."

"Less care, more life!", Anneliese Haas "data-id =" 182962

The course also uses women's makeup products and shows them how to use them properly. "data-id =" 182969

Ines Schmidt-Kohout

45, Lohnverrechnerin, mother of six years old

"What was very emotional was the hair loss. The first look in the mirror of this smooth pear, it was tiring! Even worse, however, was the loss of the lashes." In late April 2019, Ines Schmidt-Kohout felt a knot in her chest. Today she is OK with being diagnosed with breast cancer, when asked why she doesn't see the right answer, but sticking her head in the sand is not an option for her. The 45-year-old now has half the chemotherapy behind her. Her mother also had breast cancer, then without cancer for a full seven years, then came bone cancer. After 17 years of fighting, she died at the age of 59. "It's often difficult, but it's worth the fight. We're happy to live in Austria and have good medical care!"

"You can also build beautiful stones that block you," Ines Schmidt-Kohout said "data-id =" 182961

To simulate eyelashes, makeup artist Catharina Flieger uses black kohl or black eyeshadow both above and below the eye. The eyeglass is very thin and draws where the eyelashes are. "data-id =" 182968

Elisabeth Bartholich

66 years old, retired, 3 grandchildren

Her husband, whom she had been married with for 43 years, died unexpectedly in late March 2019, only a few days later she noticed a stain on her chest. At first, she thought of a harmless bruise. However, it changed color to red. Her family doctor immediately sent Elisabeth Bartholich for a mammogram and an ultrasound. Diagnosis: breast cancer. "I was always very sick of the exam because the mammogram was causing me pain. Looking back, I didn't have to worry." Today, the 66-year-old has a goal in mind: to fight hostile cancer. Three chemo treatments are still waiting. "At first I almost died of fear. Without my family I would not have succeeded. The sadness mixed with sadness was terrible." The self-styled Catholic draws strength from both her faith and the courage her friends and family give her: "Cancer is not for cowards."

"Sometimes happiness is a moment of silence." Elisabeth Bartholich "data-id =" 182965

There are very different products to simulate eyebrows. Makeup artist Catharina Flieger likes to use brown eyeshadow because most women do not miss it in the bathroom. "data-id =" 182970

Maria Schachtner

59, grandmother of two grandchildren

Her very personal story began in October 2018 with a normal preview. A small knot was discovered in the mammogram, which eventually turned out to be malignant. After all the necessary examinations and subsequent surgery, the diagnosis came with a preliminary recommendation of therapy. "You only hear half of what your doctor tells you and just the word" chemotherapy ". I thought, no, don't think of me. I was kind of in a trance." Today, Mary is at the end of her chemotherapy sessions. The support and distraction of family and friends is a blessing to them, as is the help of their psychotherapist. "Power does not come by itself; you must work for yourself. I want to see my grandchildren grow up. Cancer, so can I. "

"Love yourself enough to let go of anything that doesn't feed your soul.", Maria Schachtner "data-id =" 182960

According to the principle of "learning by doing", honor courses always make up half the face of a professional and the other makeup for women themselves.

Making beauty shoot

Expressive photos and matching make-up: A free makeup course for women with cancer helps with beauty tips for everyday life. Then photographer Birgit Machtinger asks the women in front of the lens. Birgit Machtinger and Catharina Flieger (left photo) have wholeheartedly devoted themselves to helping women with cancer and launch the "feel again" initiative: In this three-hour free training, women suffering from cancer experience how easy it is to experience the external effects after chemotherapy. the tricks to hide are. "It is not only the desire and goal of the affected to forget their worries all day, but also to strengthen their confidence and thus improve their quality of life," the duo says. To give many girls and women an unforgettable day, they need support, here's an opportunity to donate or become a supporting member:

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The lectures in the title laugh a lot – the relaxed and relaxed atmosphere is important.

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Here is where the first auxiliary point for eyebrow painting begins.

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Fee Launchers: Photographer Birgit Machtinger and Makeup Artist Catharina Flieger.

Self-help group meeting "LIVING IN TODAY"

MO, October 7, 9:30 a.m. to about 1 p.m.

Burgenländische Gebietskrankenkasse Meeting Room, Eisenstadt, with speakers Claudia Altmann-Pospischek (metastatic breast cancer patient) and DGKP Lisa Wiedermann.