BioHAP: From which teeth are made 2

BioHAP: From which teeth are made

Only one source of fluoride: The Federal Bureau of Risk Assessment (BfR) advises that only one form of fluoride profile be used in children. If fluoride is given as a tablet to children, dental care containing fluoride should be avoided. However, according to the survey, 18 percent of parents surveyed received such a recommendation from a dentist. About one-fifth of families are looking for fluoride-free toothpaste. But parents aren't sure. 59 percent of 1000 people are confused when a child ingests fluoride-containing toothpaste. The survey also shows a great need for information on career prophylaxis in children. For example, 76 percent of parents would say they would use an infantile toothpaste without fluoride if it were as effective in protecting against decay as a product containing fluorine.

Dr. Wolff has been dealing with the topic of fluoride-free dental care for about 15 years. On the portal he explains the company on the topic "Biomimetic hydroxylapatite" (BioHAP). The compound is as effective in preventing tooth decay as fluoride-containing dental care.

"Healthy Teeth with BioHAP", the portal informs about their own body substance, which is 65 percent of the bone, 70 percent of which is in the dentine of the tooth and about 97 percent of the enamel. BioHAP helps remineralize teeth and also forms a protective layer on the surface of the tooth, to which bacteria attach instead of the tooth. The protective layer can also protect the tooth from acid in the diet.