Botox: These 5 alternatives are at least equally effective 2

Botox: These 5 alternatives are at least equally effective

Just jump into the fountain of youth – it affects eternal youth, unfortunately only in fairy tales. It's not uncommon, the reality is that many injections can inject Botox to soothe wrinkles and lines. There is no doubt that this method is very effective, but not completely harmless. And: in many cases extra unnecessary. Because there are some methods that also achieve very good anti-aging results. No pain. Here are the five best and gentler treatments for beautiful skin.

5 effective alternatives to Botox

1. laser

Laser therapy may be the most effective non-surgical option for skin to look younger. For example, fractional lasers can help rebuild the surface, make the skin tone more even, and generally make the skin a finer complexion. Even very dark pigmentation spots often disappear completely. Fraction lasers have an ablative effect, which means that they damage the top layer of the skin to stimulate the skin's natural healing process. This promotes collagen production, resulting in healthier and younger skin. In addition, this laser smoothes fine lines and relieves acne scars. Depending on the laser treatment, interruptions may occur.

2. Radio frequency therapy

Radio frequency therapy creates heat to enhance relaxed skin. Therefore, it is a great option for lifting your face without lifting your face. Radiofrequency devices send heat deep into the skin, resulting in tissue tightening and new collagen formation. A special feature, for example, is radiofrequency therapy combined with small, fine needles. They transport radio waves into even deeper layers of skin. Important: Here too, depending on the sensitivity of the skin, there may be a short break.

3. Microneedling

Asian women have long sworn by Microneedling as an effective anti-aging method. And you can see that: no nation is at stake Skin goals as a bigger role model. Small essays packed with innumerable tiny needles superficially injure the skin with this method. To repair micro injuries, the skin raises collagen production. Smart! Good thing: Microneedling can also be done at home. There are nice scooters that look like mini-rollers. It is important to avoid inflammation and infection that both the face and the Microneedling scooter are always well disinfected.

4. LED light

An LED or light emitting diode is briefly a completely non-invasive light therapy that stimulates the rejuvenation of newly produced collagen by interacting with skin cells. This in turn leads to a reduction in lines, wrinkles, scars and age spots.

5. Cosmetic acupuncture

Acupuncture is better known from naturopathy. But in the field of beauty, small needle therapy is successful. Acupuncture needles do not penetrate deep into the skin – they only produce small stimuli in the body. Because of this, the muscles under the skin are contracted and thus permanently strengthened. The blood circulation in the tissue is stimulated, as is the production of collagen.