"Care is not the same concern" - New research captures the mental stress of nurses 2

"Care is not the same concern" – New research captures the mental stress of nurses

The Hamburg sisters are under a lot of pressure. How strongly this affects their mental health is described by a recent study of "mental stress in care" from the Hamburg Neuropsychiatric Center. The degree of stress as well as the nature of the psychological burden of nursing staff in the field of outpatient care, nursing home, hospital care, palliative care and administration / management are examined.

The results show that all areas of work suffer above average mental stress. This is recognizable in all four survey topics. However, patterns of stress for different work areas differ with regard to the topics of work tasks, work organization, general conditions and social aspects. A clearly differentiated picture can be seen comparing the areas of the jobs surveyed. For example, social aspects of work seem to be a mainstay, especially in the field of inpatient care in the home, while they are perceived as express burdens in outpatient care. Palliative care is significantly more burdensome with work organization compared to other groups.

The study is based on research conducted on site and online in the context of German Nursing Day 2019 to determine the status of nursing mental health quotas and to identify particularly stressful stressors.

The results of these and other tests were used to create the latest Neuropsychiatric Center prevention offer. The coachforcare corporate health promotion program now offers flexible work prevention, especially for nurses who integrate the best of the analogue and digital worlds into a secure structure and quality. With the development of coachforcare, NPZ combines its eMental competencies with years of experience working with nursing homes and hospitals in and around Hamburg, as well as its expertise in the field of mental health in the workplace.

Detailed research results as well as additional information can be requested on the homepage of www.coachforcare.de.

Hamburg Neuropsychiatric Center (NPZ) is one of the largest outpatient and outpatient providers in Hamburg. In addition, the multidisciplinary team has been successfully developing e-health, prevention and occupational health projects for several years. Research in the fields of psychiatry, neurology and psychotherapy successfully supports quality and innovative strength.

coachforcare is a flexible workplace health promotion program designed specifically for caregivers, combining workshops for people with digital online training and mobile applications to achieve comprehensive goal-oriented behavior and ratio prevention.