Different ideas for freezing your hair 2

Different ideas for freezing your hair

Hair rubbing can show a variety of styling techniques, from gray hair coverage to blond hairstyles. It is a procedure that can be done at home or in a living room. Frozen hair packs can be purchased at most pharmacies, grocery stores or beauty salons. Always run a strip test first to check for allergies, and consult a hair care professional for tips and techniques.

Different ideas for freezing your hair 3


gloss tips

Hair tips are a popular hairstyle for young men. This is achieved by freezing only an inch or two from the ends of the hair. Freezing produces a more dramatic effect when the rest of the hair is dark. This technique works best with inflatable or short hairstyles.

Frozen snapshots

Iced snapshots can add different shades of blondes to almost any hair color, including natural blond. Home kits include a frost lid and a small hook to pull the hair cords through the lid. These areas are then dulled and create a prominent appearance.

Flat levels

Frozen layers are more dramatic in short or medium stranded hair. Frozen segments are usually nervous to create a dramatic difference between frozen segments and the rest of the hair. LowLights can also be added to the rest of the hair for an even more dramatic difference between frozen and darker portions.

Reverse ice

Reverse ice usually occurs when a hairstyle has become too bright. This is achieved by pulling small portions of hair through an ice cap and dyeing these portions in a darker color, usually closer to the natural color of the hair. This will soften a very bright look and bring the style back to a more natural look.