Does my dog ​​love me? That's how you found out

Is it real love or just a dog biscuit that keeps your dog by your side? It's not hard to find out – we'll tell you how.

You enter the house and a beloved four-legged friend is behind the door waving his tail and dancing excitedly around you. Hach, which dog owner doesn't have a heart? And maybe it is, because as dog researcher Christoph Jung has discovered, dogs show their affection in a simple way.

If your dog often looks for your eyes, is very turned and always looks after you, then he really loves you. According to Jung, if a dog can relax in your presence, it indicates a strong foundation of trust – the dog likes to be with you. In addition, US researchers have been able to prove that dogs are very determined about their owners.

The kind hormone oxytocin

Just as with the human mother-child relationship, the hormone oxytocin plays an important role between the dog and the owner. This is released when it comes into contact with the eyes and is cramped in humans and dogs and a stronger bond.

Studies have shown that with 30 minutes of dog choking, the level of stress in humans is significantly reduced. Therefore, well-placed office dogs are also an added value to the work environment. Even in some universities, anti-stress dogs are used to help students.

Small crowds with four-legged friends after class or in the office reduce cortisone levels and let the stressful feelings disappear in the background.