Dynamo Dresden is looking for confidence in the international break 2

Dynamo Dresden is looking for confidence in the international break

Dresden. He led at the end of September to Erzgebirge Aue, later losing the thread – and thus with 1: 4 the entire match. At the weekend, in the home game against the ailing Bundesliga, he drew Hannover 96, long held 0-0 and still conceded a 0-2 defeat. They sneaked into the basement of the Table 2 Bundesliga and read the Levites after the game by their own fans. Clearly second-team pros Dynamo Dresden, confidence is not very high right now.

"If you score two goals on average per game, it's brutally difficult to score. That's why it was important for us to play at zero. We invested a lot but just didn't make it," said defensive midfielder Jannis Nikolaou. Jannik Müller also quarreled over lack of support Fortuna: "Unfortunately, luck was not on our side. It's bitter. We tried to fight it, but it didn't work out, we made a lot of simple mistakes, "the 25-year-old complained and continued:" Football is the result of sports. We are not currently delivering results. We have to face it and try to generate energy from it. "

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SG Dynamo Dresden can do nothing against the opponents of the Hanover smugglers. 0: 2, black and yellow are subject to Lower Saxony.

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Because Rhinelander, who is one of Dinamo's longest-serving professionals, is the reason why the current international vacation is at the right time. "What we lack is confidence. That we can handle it a little bit more – whether it is talk or success in training, ”the center back said.

The coach contradicted him. "If Jannik sees it that way, it's okay, but we don't need to tell any stories right now. Of course, it's about working and improving, but you only gain confidence through games. If he trains well – and the team achieves it – but wins no games, then confidence will not increase, "says Cristian Fiel. In fact, there is an opportunity for an international vacation: a test match of the Black and Yellow on Thursday at An der Alten Försterei Stadium at 1 FC Union Berlin (2pm).

But the Bundesliga, promoted from Köpenick, with four points from seven games currently only relegated, aims to build confidence against Saxon. And in doubt is the higher class team for better tickets. Although Christopher Trimmel, the captain of the "iron" was short-lived, for the first time in nearly ten years he was nominated for the selection of Austria.

Nonetheless, Dinamo also wants to prove itself against professionals from the capital. Veteran Patrick Ebert is not experiencing the situation for the first time: "It's not easy, but we're all fighters and we will keep going. We are definitely not giving up, working even harder and having to force success in the next few games."

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