ESC Erstfeld loses after a balanced game | Lucerne newspaper 2

ESC Erstfeld loses after a balanced game | Lucerne newspaper

Last Sunday, October 6, FC Rothenburg was more efficient and match on the Pfaffenmatt 3: 1 sports ground.

(Str) At the start of the seventh season of ESC Erstfeld last Sunday, October 6th, it was clear to the audience why Rothenburg was this season with a maximum score at the top of the table. Lucerne ran the ball and pressed Uri. Erstfelder was only present with brief assaults, but they were also inaccurate or rushed, so guests could withstand the pressure. In the 18th minute, the ball fell to Emrei Dincer, who scored to make it 0 – 1 – a well deserved lead from the visitors at the moment.

A few minutes later Fabio Tresch headed a Gian-Luca Tresch free kick right past the goal. Almost in return, the ball knocked again in the goal of Erstfeld, the referee decided in the offside. After a good half hour the exercise bike changed its tactical style of play. A few minutes later Bernhard Loretz's free kick sharply past the goalkeeper Rothenburg could have saved the need. Five minutes before the break Fabio Tresch won the ball in midfield, this was triggered by Silvana Baumanna, who passed the ball to Sven Tresch. That didn't flare for a long time and equaled to 1: 1.

Erstfelder missed the opportunity for the lead

After the break, the Uri came more aggressively and with more confidence on the field. The 47th minute was dangerous for the first time after a foul on Sven Tresch. However, he did not hit the ball with his head as desired. Five minutes later Erstfeld missed the opportunity for the lead. Sven Tresch put pressure on the keeper, took the ball and played straight to Silvan Baumann who missed the lead. The guests were lucky at this stage. The home side attacked the opponent early and earned several chances but could not use any. After 66 minutes, the visitors lost the ball, quickly changing the game's lead to 1 – 2 for Rothenburg. Erstfelder could not be discouraged. But even at this stage the attacks were not consistently played through. In the 85th minute again a hot scene in front of Erstfeld's goal: After the counterattack, Markus Bürgler and Bernhard Loretz together could have prevented a probably decisive goal. So the game remained controversial. The visitors brought the ball from counter to counter in injury. Yves Zurkirchen took the ball in full swing and left goalkeeper Erstfeld without a chance. Rothenburg won by 3-1 – a flattering result for Lucerne.

I hope for the upcoming games

Erstfelder are still pleased with the performance, as with Rothenburg the top team was a guest on the Pfaffenmatt sports field. What was missing was competitive luck and a much needed rest on the ball. But if you deal with the upcoming games against Horw and Meggen – both better classified teams – with a good attitude, then there is definitely something in Erstfeld. Currently, the third division is 4th on the table with 13 points in the account. So one can speak of a very successful start to the season.