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Fact check: "Vaccine contains 25,000x more mercury than allowed"

It should be determined in the lab that flu shots not only contain mercury, but even in a very harmful amount!

That's at least in an article that – let's say this now – for five years, that country was republished … and it was wrong then: Flu vaccines should contain 25,000 times more mercury than drinking water allowed.

Fact check: "Vaccine contains 25,000x more mercury than allowed" 2


So the page says:

"Tests at the food lab of the US NaturalNews website found that in flu vaccines,
incredibly large amounts of nerve agent are contained in mercury. In British vaccine bottles
Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has found more than 51 parts per million (ppm) of mercury, which is 25,000 times
more than what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set for drinking water
Border. "

This article only claims to provide new insights, but this is just a literal translation of an article that appeared on June 24, 2014 on the Natural News page.

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Where can you find the exact test results?

Indeed, there is an article on the Global Research page on these research results, and although only a small portion describes the research and results, the bulk of the article is a mix of half-truths and quotes with the final request to share the article. "To spread the truth." Not quite the scientific tone.
The sources mentioned are only the CDC (where the link does not talk about the upper limits of mercury in the water, but simply describes the flu) – and the Natural News page itself.

In this sense, the Natural News page refers to the investigation, which in turn refers to the page.

In short, for the credibility of the source:

Page "Natural news"It is considered the classic fake news for 'alternative medicine' and related conspiracy theories such as chemtrails and the miracle cure for cancer.
In 2016, the site was ranked # 1 on the Worst Science of the Year website on the "Real Clear Science" page.
In 2019, the Natural News Facebook page was removed due to the repeated spread of Facebook fake news. The site's founder, Mike Adams, then compared Mark Zuckerberg to Hitler and asked Trump to use military police against "tech giants."

Page "Global research"Although he publishes some good articles, he is also considered a gathering place for conspiracy theorists and pseudoscientists.
Although the name contains "Global", many articles on the site are more anti-globalist. In addition to reputable articles, there are many articles in the disclaimer for the site about all kinds of conspiracy theories, the creators of the content of the article.

What about mercury in flu shots?

Specifically, the article talks about the 2009 GlaxoSmithKline flu. It contains 25 micrograms of mercury (as part of Thimerosal, US instruction manual) or 50 micrograms of timrosal (leaflet Canada) per pack.

Such high values! So, are they right?

The Natural News lab reported the value of 51 micrograms of thimerosal. It is unclear if they were reviewing the dose from the US or Canada, but at other times they could only read the leaflet to arrive at almost the same value.

But pregnant women, young children and the elderly …?

It is also said in the Natural News article that this vaccination will be imposed on the abovementioned groups of people.
There are two things I can say about this:

  1. This flu vaccine has not been tested on these people, which is why they don't even get the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine
  2. All child vaccines do not contain Thimerosal at all

Yes, but … MERCURY!

We make a little trip to chemistry for that, because mercury is not equal to mercury!

It is always emphasized that thimerosal is pure mercury, a neurotoxin that damages nerves. But that's just the way it is is not in vaccines!
It's about ethylMercury, different from what was described methylmercury is different. methylMercury is often found in fish and is harmful in large quantities. ethylMercury, on the other hand, breaks down and excretes the body much faster. No scientific study has identified a link between ethyl mercury and autism or other adverse effects.

Nevertheless, several vaccine manufacturers agreed in 1999 to give up Thimerosal as a precaution. Today, there is no vaccine other than thymrosal influenza vaccine, however, there are no thimerosal alternatives available.


Not only are the sources of the article completely dubious (the dumbest indeed is the study-related article, which refers to the article), it is also warned about mercury, which in toxic form is not a vaccination site at all.

Even this non-toxic form of mercury can only be found in influenza diameters, but now there are thimerosal-free alternatives to address any concerns.

By the way, the mercury content of rivers is 0.03-0.2 micrograms per liter. This is actually more than the flu vaccine, but it already has 20 micrograms in fish foods. still methylMercury, not those contained in the flu ethylmercury.

In the end, therefore, the article "Our Nature" is not only copied outrageously, but also downright scary, without any scientific or medical background.

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