Fluoride in pediatric dental care / recent survey shows parental insecurity 2

Fluoride in pediatric dental care / recent survey shows parental insecurity

10.10.2019 – 12:22

Dr. Wolff Group

Fluoride in pediatric dental care / recent survey shows parental insecurity

Bielefeld (ots)

When it comes to caries prophylaxis for children, opinions may differ. Some traditionally rely on fluoride as an ingredient in toothpaste, while others rely on the addition of fluoride through just one concentrated source in the form of vitamin D. Tablets. In many cases, children take fluoride from both sources. An overdose of fluoride can cause lifelong fluorosis in children, that is, tooth discoloration.

59 percent of the 1000 parents currently surveyed feel partially very insecure when a child ingests fluoride-containing toothpaste. A third of parents who knowingly abstain from fluoride in baby toothpaste say they want to prevent fluoride ingestion.

Seventy-six percent of parents surveyed would use fluoride-free infantile toothpaste if it were as effective in decay protection as traditional fluoride-based products. A representative survey of parents with children aged 12 to 12 years shows a great need for information on caries prophylaxis in children.

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) commented on how best to prevent tooth decay in infants and young children, while avoiding too much fluoride.

Main result: BfR advises the use of only one form of fluoride prophylaxis. Many pediatricians follow this assessment and recommend that they abstain from fluoride in toothpaste. Already 18 percent of respondents received this recommendation from their dentist. According to research, one in five families ensures that they do not contain fluorine when they buy baby toothpaste. Parents often use toothpaste once a day and once a day for a fluoride-free product. These results document parents' insecurity. Dr. Wolff has been intensively working on the issue of fluoride-free dental care for 15 years and promoting modern approaches in research and science. A specialist in skin, hair and tooth research is seeing the trend set. Fluoride-free baby tooth protein relies on caries protection with biomimetic hydroxylapatite, briefly BioHAP. It has been scientifically proven and reported that hydroxylapatite in caries prophylaxis works just as well as dental care containing fluorine.

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