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Get Out Important for HIV Prevention – Take a Look

On behalf of the Federal Office of Public Health, researchers at the FHNW University of Social Work estimated data from a survey of about 3,000 men in Switzerland having sex with men. Therefore, going out is important for their protection and risky behavior and their sexual pleasure, FHNW said Thursday.

According to the results, outlaws are happier with their sex lives. They are also more concerned with the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and are more likely to use prevention and counseling services. This could be because they are better networked in the community and thus have better access to information, suspected Patrick Weber of FHNW and co-author of the country report for Switzerland.

The report also confirms earlier findings of a 2014 FHNW study that men who did not have a negative reaction to their exit were more effective and consistent in protecting against HIV infection.

However, more than half of the respondents already had negative experiences based on sexual orientation, such as partying, threatening or insulting. Weber therefore calls for active action against discrimination and stresses the importance of working groups working with young people. They can create a positive and safe environment where young people can express their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Swiss Country Report is part of the European MSM Survey, an online survey of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 50 countries. From Switzerland, 3066 men participated. FHNW prepared a country report in collaboration with Aids-Hilfe Schweiz.