Gianluca Ammendola: "Bodybuilding is an art for me" 2

Gianluca Ammendola: "Bodybuilding is an art for me"

Burbach / Siegen.
The 19-year-old is one of three local heroes at the German Natural Bodybuilding Championships Saturday in Siegerlandhalle.

Gianluca Ammendola will premiere on the stage of the German Natural Bodybuilding Championship GNBF e.V., which will take place for the fourth time in Siegerlandhalle, Siegen. The 19-year-old from Burbach is competing in the junior category and also plans to compete in the "Men's Bodybuilding Superweight" category. We spoke with the athlete Siegerländer, who works at a studio in Haiger as part of a dual fitness science course.

How did you get involved in natural bodybuilding today?

Gianluca Ammendola: As a teenager, bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, a legend in the sport, impressed me. I was fascinated by how someone can shape one's body. As a 15-year-old, I swung dumbbells for the first time. Interest grew. With the help of books and YouTube videos, I learned about Natural Bodybuilding and the whole thing has become more professional in recent years. Through my studies in the physical sciences, which include nutrition and training knowledge, I have learned and applied a lot.

When did you decide to participate in the 16th German Natural Bodybuilding Championships in Siegen this year?

This is my first time participating, but in the past I have been quite competitive. When I was training a good summer figure, some friends from around me told me to go on stage. Then I decided to tackle this year. Now I'm looking forward.

What is your preparation for performing at the Siegerlandhalle on Saturday?

In the last few months, I have been training six times a week, twice a week, to build muscle. Cardio training was added just before the competition. There is a big difference in diet and it is about maintaining a daily calorie deficit to reduce body fat.

How exactly can you imagine this diet?

Everyone has a basic need for calories. As an athlete, extra strength is added, which is consumed by constant training. The goal is to eat less than you burn. I make sure to eat healthy, rich in energy and protein. My diet includes a balanced and varied diet with optimal nutrient distribution. I save the preview with the app. So I keep track of what I eat every day. It requires a lot of discipline. And I go to the scale every morning. If I take the average of the week, I'm on target.

What does your everyday life look like?

It's planned. It is true when I have to work, exercise or eat. Before the competition you leave nothing to chance. It also requires a lot of discipline, as there is not much free time. In addition, you lose more and more energy, which makes exercise more strenuous.

Do you work with a coach?

Since I work in the industry and study in the gym, I have researched my own knowledge and prepared myself. This is a good opportunity for me as I would like to work as a personal trainer later.

What incentive does Natural Bodybuilding offer that motivates you?

Bodybuilding is an art for me. I enjoy shaping my body. It's like automatic tuning. In the end, you are proud of the overall package.

The play also depends on the stage. What do you want to offer the jury on Saturday?

I will take the stage and attend Posing seminars. I exercise every day for my performance. This is also an exercise.

What reactions did you have from your environment?

My friends and family support me in my project. And they encouraged me to take this step.

Do you have role models in bodybuilding that you emulate?

I still have a picture of "Arnie" hanging at home. But right now I'm looking at the best natural bodybuilders like Sepehr Bahadori, known as BroSep.

And what is your goal?

I aim for a place among the top five juniors. Winning would be a dream.


Due to the problem of doping in classic bodybuilding is in sIn the 1990s the Natural Bodybuilding Movement whose followers consciously refrain from using chemicals to increase performance and limit themselves to factors such as training, nutrition, and genetics.

The famous movement representative is a bodybuilder and author Berend Breitenstein, which founded the German Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (GNBF) in 2003.

Since then, GNBF has been cooperating as the only German institution with an international umbrella organization A coalition of drug-free athletes.

GNBF also sets German Championship in Natural Bodybuilding to be held on Saturday 12 October at Siegerlandhalle in Siegen.

With more than 300 registered athletes sets a new record for participants.

Title fights are in three blocks divided. It starts at 9am. Overall winners will be determined in the Newcomer, Junior, Female Bikini, Male Physics, Male Masters, and Male Bodybuilding classes.

DM also serves as a qualification for EEuropean and World Championships.

The remaining tickets are available at the box office Day or evening cashier Siegerlandhalle.